Kale Cesar’s Salad

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You darlings! I have to thank you for that overwhelming response to the design of the site and also the giveaway (still running until tomorrow, so make sure to enter a comment below the post). I would have never dreamed in my wildest dreams that anyone would be interested in receiving mail from me, but it appears you are! The comments…

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Mulled Wine Gingerbread Bundt Cake

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  Normally, I’d be working on putting together The List for my Seasonal Bucket List – but this year, it just feels like we’re still so far away from Winter and The Holidays… Or maybe this year just went too fast? It sure was an eventful on. Normally, by this time, I’d be well into baking cookies, decking the halls,…

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Curried Coconut Lentil Soup

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though the weather has been wonderful, thirty-something years’ worth of experience tell me that this current swiss summer weather likely won’t stay forever… something tells me it will soon make way for proper, spring-like unpredictability. that’s what i’ve grown to know (and love, kind of).

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Cherry Cardamom Pavlova

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pavlova! i don’t think this ever gets boring. clouds of meringues, tart, boozy cherries on top,  hints of cardamom… what’s not to like? in other words: i’m really into pavlova. i mean i wish i could be one. no! i really mean: i just really like pavlova. full stop. and i can’t wait for spring and summer to come up…

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Kaiser-Schmarrn with Apple Sauce

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the odds are: i really like kaiserschmarrn, and i’ve praised its perks – i.e. comforting, sugary, sweet and basically everything you want from something to eat – at least once (though in my mind, it’s been far many times than that, really). and for those of you who have no idea what kaiserschmarrn is, here’s a little cue: it’s kind…

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Winter Feast

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as much as i love to cook and entertain, i’m not complaining when i’m invited for dinner, either. especially at my mom’s. she’s a grat cook and i’m always happy when she’s in one of those ‘showing off’ modes, like she was pre holidays on that particular night. i’ve kept the pictures hidden way too long but thought i’d share…

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(Vegetarian) Shepherd’s Pie

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now that it’s back to work time – and i must say it feels a little bit strange to type, after 2 weeks of almost-abstinence from anything with a (proper) keyboard – i’m hiding in the comfort that is a hearty meal. like shepherd’s pie. let’s hang on to some lush dishes just that little longer, shall we? i’ve never…

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Black Forest Trifle

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i love baking cakes. which i do, of course, to obtain something: a good result, a pretty to look at (ideally) and yummy cake. both, equally. well, for this cake, what i wanted to obtain was a black forest layer cake, with three layers of lush chocolate cake and mascarpone cream, röteli (a swiss cherry liquor in a deep red)…

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(More) Holiday Nibbles

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i have a weakness for sweet things… and recently, i’ve discovered my affinity for baking holiday cookies, too! mailänderli, even – a swiss holiday butter cookie. so this is a potpourri post, dedicated to a variety of (last minute) holiday nibbles: mailänderli, christmas tree sugar cookies and sugared cranberries (which, by the way, you can use with cheese as an…

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