Gooseberry Ricotta Cake

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Hei Hei, I’m back! Back from our little summer vacay in Finland – and already back (knee deep) at work. The holidays passed fairly quickly, then again, our stay in the rural log cabin in the lake country of Finland, near Kuopio, was magic and uplifting and also strangely felt like time stood still. I’m convinced nature does that to…

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Eclaire Tarte with Strawberries

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If one Credo has proven to be a good one in my life, it’s to strive for semi-perfect. Seeking perfection isn’t a virtue, instead, it steals a lot of time. Semi-perfect is often so much less stressful and thus more healthy and more efficient, too. It’s a lesson i’m still learning, as i’m often losing myself in details. Especially when…

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Deconstructed Summer Roll Salad

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The current heat wave… Makes me slightly dizzy. I’m constantly dreaming of ways to cool me down; inlcuding a pool to dip my feet in (at work), ice creams for breakfast, or maybe even just a tiny, chilly breeze at night to move through my bedroom? No such thing though. I’m just glad it’s the weekend soon. It’s not going…

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Mango Cream Layer Cake

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This cooking/baking and blogging job isn’t always hard work… It’s nice to get a readily made cake delivered to your kitchen for a quick shoot, before it’s transported on for a party. My mom made this intricate, layered sponge, mango and cream cake for my nephew’s 6th birthday. Tt was, apparently, one hell of a lot of work to make…

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Chilled Tomato Soup with Cumin

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Whenever there’s a chance to visit a farmer’s or flower market, I’m game. I like the hustle and bustle of the wee hours, the stalls being set up, people chatting and exchanging a few words with the cheese supplier of their choice. It’s time standing still. It’s like a mini vacation in an otherwise busy week. Some weeks ago, I managed to…

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Raspberry Swiss Roll

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Funnily, this dessert, that I’ve eaten countless times during my childhood – mostly on garden party occasions in our back yard. But have since neglected, inexplicably, is apparently called “Swiss Roll”. At least, that what pinterest recently indicated it as. Around here, it’s simply known as a “Raspberry Roulade” or “Biscuit Roulade”, which I find slightly more accurate (considering I’m also “Swiss”,…

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Summer Home

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isn’t it so true when they say “summer time, and the living is easy”? i like the open-window kind of lifestyle. breezes sweeping through the flat, flowers in every corner, the balcony potted plants are growing like their weed (no pun intended), the more neutral tones gave way to summery, peachy tones, the bedding is replaced for breezy linen throws…

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