Waffles For The Table

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You know those types of people, who always order good stuff – pancakes, waffles or dessert – for the table? They’re my people. Simple logic: you want those waffles – and so does everybody else. They might just not be ready to admit it, or ready to indulge in so many calories, all by themselves. So in order to indulge,…

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Provence, 2018

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One month away as a family. Away from home, away from work, away from old habits and ruts. Not that we needed an escape from our everyday life as it is. But a change of scenery air is still good, every now and then. To give you new perspectives, inspire, intensify the family bonds. To unwind, reset and recharge. We…

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Chocolate Ice Cream & Home Made Cones

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Hey Lovers of all things pretty! I’m back to this (strangely strange) space. Hello, blogosphere, it’s me, the foreigner, just checking in. And I brought chocolate…! To compensate and win you over, you know? Kind of. Lol, no, honestly. I hardly remember how to do this thing called “blogging” anymore. It’s been wayyyy too long since I last posted something,…

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Sicilian Caponata

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Sicilian Caponata is something like the better ratatouille (sorry, Frenchies). It’s more clever and more versatile at once. I love that it’s also eaten and enjoyed cold and on its own, not just as a side. I wish i could grow all the vegs that go into it in my own backyard. Those super pretty squashes, the yellow and the green one,…

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Marinated Zucchini Salad

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Although fall is definitely my favorite season – how can anyone not love it? it’s not as cold as the winter, it’s not as scorching as summer and it’s not as unpredictable as spring… And that’s just for everything that it’s not. Apart from the fact that it is also a lot of really good things…

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Chococo Popsicles

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Summer isn’t all but gone yet – despite the much chillier mornings and nights – but i’m already craving darker, moodier, more comfort oriented foods. If only for the looks. And what better to fulfill this mood than dark, intense, naughty chocolate? [gap height=”20″]

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Ricotta Stuffed Zucchini Flowers

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I simply can not walk past zucchini flowers – or any edible flower, for that matter. Zucchini flowers always leave me strangely torn between wanting to embrace them and on the other hand leaving me to feel sorry for the zucchinis that are bereft of their beautiful accessories… I tend to ask the zucchinis nicely if they do not mind too…

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