Waffles For The Table

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You know those types of people, who always order good stuff – pancakes, waffles or dessert – for the table? They’re my people. Simple logic: you want those waffles – and so does everybody else. They might just not be ready to admit it, or ready to indulge in so many calories, all by themselves. So in order to indulge,…

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TV Snack Mix & Ramblings on Motherhood

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Over the past couple of months, I’ve lived the typical #momlife, with all the ups and downs you’d expect. Mostly, I’ve showcased the beauty of it. Like the cute chubby baby thighs, the smiles and giggles, the sweet clothes and toys, the active days on the go with the stroller, with baby sleeping soundly. That doesn’t mean though that there…

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Fondue Bread – Nidwaldner Bratchäs

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I’m really proud to be Swiss. To be Swiss holds a lot of beautiful memories and also, I guess, a lot of knowledge (or at least understanding) about Switzerland. Most of you (especially those who follow me along on instagram) know: I grew up in the heart of Switzerland, near Lucerne, with a typical swiss view of the mountains and the beautiful lake Vierwaldstättersee.

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Superfood Dark Chocolate Nibbles

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any excuse to sneak chocolate into my meals – or my snacks, mind – is welcome in my book… when it’s not as bad for me i’m doubly euphoric, of course. these superfood (i.e. dried fruit and nuts) dark chocolate nibbles are good for you, minus the often involved guilty pleasure compensation. [gap height=”20″] i created them for a special project…

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Grilled Asparagus with Burrata & Ramps Oil

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this spring, inexplicably, i haven’t gotten around to enjoying gathering my own share of spring’s abundance. as a self-declared “herbal witch” and a big fan of gathering – see evidence from former gathering sessions here, here, here or here – i feel so ashamed to admit i’ve never even picked one leaf this season. and i’m afraid many of the wild things are already a bit…

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Chocolate Dipped Almond Brittle

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i’m officially a short haired (concerning me, anyway) girl! i thought i might as well step out of my comfort zone a little bit and – chop, chop – now i’m a bit blonder and a lot of hair lighter. for what feels like an eternity, i haven’t had a proper new ‘do on my head. so this feels extra…

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Matcha Popcorn

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i have been introduced to matcha green tea by some or other japanese or sushi shop, but never considered getting my own to make a pot of hot green tea at home. pinterest, though, converted me for the good. the amount of hipster-esque food creations you spy there is incredible! vegan toasted matcha whipped coconut milk green juice chai latte,…

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Lavender French Toast

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my temporarily – and now repaired, i.e. brand new – broken oven almost resulted in an oven-gate. needless to say, i knew how to ship around it. being the creative me, i dreamed up an awfully – or exquisitely – french dessert (that passes as breakfast, too). because all good things are somehow, eventually french. patisserie, perfumes, maccarons, paris, lingerie,…

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Raw, No-Bake Energy Bites

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i haven’t made any major, unrealistic new year’s resolutions, however, i must admit i let my workouts awfully slip these past months due to simply being in over my head with work etc. i’m now more than ready to get back into the saddle (not literrally), as in: i’m taking my beloved yoga sessions back up this week. i will…

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