Autumnal Checklist

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With every new season I am accutely aware how time flies. E will be two (as in: years old!) in December. And although the days are long, the years really are so very short. Time flies even more with kids. So I’m making an effort to always live in the now and celebrate everyday. Make every day special for E….

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Chocolate Ice Cream & Home Made Cones

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Hey Lovers of all things pretty! I’m back to this (strangely strange) space. Hello, blogosphere, it’s me, the foreigner, just checking in. And I brought chocolate…! To compensate and win you over, you know? Kind of. Lol, no, honestly. I hardly remember how to do this thing called “blogging” anymore. It’s been wayyyy too long since I last posted something,…

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Two Turkeys Thanksgiving & Raw Butternut Slaw

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How does “Two Turkey Thanksgiving” sound to you…? Our friends hosted their annual Thanksgiving fête last Sunday, and because their guest list is ever growing, two turkeys had to be made. So Günther (the 10th!) was joined by Hildegard (the 1st). And I, as the closest (geographically) and their neighbor, had the honor to roast one, in my own oven….

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Shiny New

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Darlings, I am most excited to announce the new and shiny version of F&F! I’ve been working on bringing the new site to you for the past couple of weeks (and months), and today it’s as ready as it will always be to show you. You’re going to find your way around, I’m convinced. Just browse a bit and get used…

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Apple Fritters & Fall Flowers

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Some might associate spring or summer with the loveliest flowers, but for me it’s always been Fall…  Just look at those mighty Sunflowers! Huge! And right in front of my mom’s house, in the middle of the city, on an underestimated little field. The abundance of flowerful colors – Sunflowers but also Dahlias and those funny shaped clashing orange lampion…

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Marinated Zucchini Salad

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Although fall is definitely my favorite season – how can anyone not love it? it’s not as cold as the winter, it’s not as scorching as summer and it’s not as unpredictable as spring… And that’s just for everything that it’s not. Apart from the fact that it is also a lot of really good things…

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Pineapple & Cucumber Gazpacho

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on hot days, what’s really better than a refreshing, vegetable based meal? slightly chilled and light. or if it can’t be a popsicle (because we probably shouldn’t be eating ice cream all day long, sighs), make it a chilled soup, instead! without a doubt, i am a big fan of chilled soups… so far, i’ve only made the classic tomato…

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Holiday Home

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it’s the season to be merry! and to begin with, there’s always the same, much beloved tradition: decking the halls. in other years, the results looked like this and this and this. there are the traditional home made  tree trimmings wreaths, the mistletoe (a must have for the fork and flower headquarters, as it’s in the logo, too, and i am looking…

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German Vanilla Crescent Cookies

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vanilla is kind of my favorite ingredient. a friend of mine, who’s a wine seller, also sells a couple of selected, top notch delicatessen. he has this insane vanille going on, that’s thicker than your thumb (honestly), super rich and moist and just, basically, heaven in a thing. they’re individually packaed – shrink-wrapped, to seal in all the luscious scents….

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Christmas Decor & Cranberry Sauce Porridge

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i discovered lately how it’s healthy to be a pessimist every now and then… ha! why, you ask? well, firstly, being an optimist is such hard work all the time… it’s exhausting. but to allow yourself some negativity every day is really therapeutic. i dubbed it ‘the daily dose of bashing’. we often indulge in it in our team at…

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