Eclaire Tarte with Strawberries

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If one Credo has proven to be a good one in my life, it’s to strive for semi-perfect. Seeking perfection isn’t a virtue, instead, it steals a lot of time. Semi-perfect is often so much less stressful and thus more healthy and more efficient, too. It’s a lesson i’m still learning, as i’m often losing myself in details. Especially when…

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Champagne Cake Pops

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i’ve always wanted to make cake pops, but then again, for some reason or other, they do feel a little premature…? you know, like studs on clothes and shoes (some might say) – although i totally have a weak spot for studs (still). this does not mean i’m working hard on not buying anything with studs on it. i am…

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Oreo Truffles

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welcome to the last (and sweet) post of 2014! i’m always one for holding onto things just a liiiiittle bit longer. saying goodbye to the holiday is hard for me. but i think it’s (just about) okay to indulge one more time into something a bit christmassy festive looking. are you in? these oreo truffles are super easy and by…

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