Making my own Nutbutter

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Nutbutters have been on my list of favorite ingredients for years and years… And the domain is endless. Nutbutters are real multitalents, adding “oomph” to just about anything, from smoothies to porridge and müesli to desserts. To dip a slice of apple in almond butter…? Hmm, delicious. And they’re good spread on top of rice waffles, crackers and bread. Or,…

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Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Cake

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Hello folks, I’m back! Happy new year? Question mark, because that’s probably not in place, given that’s it already February. Ha! But hey, it sure is a happy new year for us, and of course I’d like to share our happiness with you. Because what is it that they say: love and happiness gets bigger when shared. SO the major…

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Superfood Dark Chocolate Nibbles

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any excuse to sneak chocolate into my meals – or my snacks, mind – is welcome in my book… when it’s not as bad for me i’m doubly euphoric, of course. these superfood (i.e. dried fruit and nuts) dark chocolate nibbles are good for you, minus the often involved guilty pleasure compensation. [gap height=”20″] i created them for a special project…

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Chocolate Dipped Almond Brittle

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i’m officially a short haired (concerning me, anyway) girl! i thought i might as well step out of my comfort zone a little bit and – chop, chop – now i’m a bit blonder and a lot of hair lighter. for what feels like an eternity, i haven’t had a proper new ‘do on my head. so this feels extra…

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Raw, No-Bake Energy Bites

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i haven’t made any major, unrealistic new year’s resolutions, however, i must admit i let my workouts awfully slip these past months due to simply being in over my head with work etc. i’m now more than ready to get back into the saddle (not literrally), as in: i’m taking my beloved yoga sessions back up this week. i will…

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