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Flower Pot Carrot Bread

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  I love bread. Yes, I could basically live off it seven days a week, 24 hours a day (no intermittent fasting happening). But so far, the only bread I’ve dared to bake at home, on the regular, is: pizza (which, are we honest, isn’t really bread, because, PIZZA), Banana Bread (dito, it’s cake, right?) and my beloved no-knead bread….

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Happy Roast Beef (Sous Vide)

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For my long-time readers: you know how I’m not big on meat, yes? Some even say “she only does desserts and vegs”, ahaha. And I admit, it’s not entirely wrong..! I like to make a bird for Thanksgiving though (which I tooootally missed this year, ugh! Setting a mental reminder for next November, not to forget the turkey shenanigans) or…

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Making my own Nutbutter

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Nutbutters have been on my list of favorite ingredients for years and years… And the domain is endless. Nutbutters are real multitalents, adding “oomph” to just about anything, from smoothies to porridge and müesli to desserts. To dip a slice of apple in almond butter…? Hmm, delicious. And they’re good spread on top of rice waffles, crackers and bread. Or,…

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Hot Chocolate Spoons

By | DIY, From my kitchen, Life & style, Sweet | One Comment

Hey friends! I’m back with a bang and some chocolate, ha! I’ve been busy working – also creating recipes, styling, taking pictures… But just not on this space. At least not as often as i would have loved to. If you’ve read my latest post, you know that there are a few things happening in my life. We got married in…

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Chocolate Ice Cream & Home Made Cones

By | From my kitchen, Mamalife, Sweet | 2 Comments

Hey Lovers of all things pretty! I’m back to this (strangely strange) space. Hello, blogosphere, it’s me, the foreigner, just checking in. And I brought chocolate…! To compensate and win you over, you know? Kind of. Lol, no, honestly. I hardly remember how to do this thing called “blogging” anymore. It’s been wayyyy too long since I last posted something,…

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Home Made Fries & Lamb Kebobs

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life according to my nephews would involve a serious serving of fries and chicken nuggets, all day, every day of their lives. i find it easy to pass down the nuggets (as long as they’re not made of real gold) – but i’m partial to fries. they’re my favorite guilty pleasure and one i indulge in as often as possible…

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