Bloem for your Home

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“I must have flowers, always and always”. Okay, famous words not mine, but still exactly my sentiment. I can live without five star menus (if you pass me just the dessert, please?), fancy make up and jewellery. But I can’t live without flowers. If I had to save drastically (and this won’t turn into a savings recommendation post, promise) –…

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Easter Fried Egg Pavlova

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If you’ve been a long time reader, you probably know I’m all about the cheesy things (both, literally and non-literally) and definitely all about the cute foods. Anything cute, dressed up, dolled up, decorated, whimsy, pink, unicorn-y… yeah, I’m sold. Point in case: this easter pavlova in disguise, pretending to be a simple fried egg. Does it get any cuter?

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Roses, Macarons, Bling… and a Give Away

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Dear readers and friends, today I feel especially honored to be able to share with you a project that I was able to participate in. I got to represent no lesser brand than Piaget. And honestly…? They had me at Piaget, haha. Girls… we’re really sooo simple. Who wouldn’t say yes to having your pictures taken in a candy sweet – and…

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Family Christmas Eve Dinner

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From the safety and peace of my couch, I am now already looking back on two fabulous Christmas dinners. Going through the pictures now, I can’t help but marvel at the beauty of it all. The chats, the laughter, the loud children’s voices, the merrymaking, the food (oh, blissful food) the decoration, the presents (not by the tree but by…

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Apple Fritters & Fall Flowers

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Some might associate spring or summer with the loveliest flowers, but for me it’s always been Fall…  Just look at those mighty Sunflowers! Huge! And right in front of my mom’s house, in the middle of the city, on an underestimated little field. The abundance of flowerful colors – Sunflowers but also Dahlias and those funny shaped clashing orange lampion…

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Ricotta Stuffed Zucchini Flowers

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I simply can not walk past zucchini flowers – or any edible flower, for that matter. Zucchini flowers always leave me strangely torn between wanting to embrace them and on the other hand leaving me to feel sorry for the zucchinis that are bereft of their beautiful accessories… I tend to ask the zucchinis nicely if they do not mind too…

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Gooseberry Ricotta Cake

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Hei Hei, I’m back! Back from our little summer vacay in Finland – and already back (knee deep) at work. The holidays passed fairly quickly, then again, our stay in the rural log cabin in the lake country of Finland, near Kuopio, was magic and uplifting and also strangely felt like time stood still. I’m convinced nature does that to…

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Simple & Quick Coconut Loaf

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Coconut is probably one of my favorite flavors… I don’t necessarily mean the (cheap) perfumes and body sprays (the term alone…) I used as a teenager. I admit I slightly overdid it with these. Much rather, I refer to the connotations of coconut with summer, sun and beaches – because obviously I’ve spent my beach vacations in Italy, where freshly sliced coconuts are being offered…

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Raspberry Swiss Roll

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Funnily, this dessert, that I’ve eaten countless times during my childhood – mostly on garden party occasions in our back yard. But have since neglected, inexplicably, is apparently called “Swiss Roll”. At least, that what pinterest recently indicated it as. Around here, it’s simply known as a “Raspberry Roulade” or “Biscuit Roulade”, which I find slightly more accurate (considering I’m also “Swiss”,…

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Summer Home

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isn’t it so true when they say “summer time, and the living is easy”? i like the open-window kind of lifestyle. breezes sweeping through the flat, flowers in every corner, the balcony potted plants are growing like their weed (no pun intended), the more neutral tones gave way to summery, peachy tones, the bedding is replaced for breezy linen throws…

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