Mango Cream Layer Cake

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This cooking/baking and blogging job isn’t always hard work… It’s nice to get a readily made cake delivered to your kitchen for a quick shoot, before it’s transported on for a party. My mom made this intricate, layered sponge, mango and cream cake for my nephew’s 6th birthday. Tt was, apparently, one hell of a lot of work to make…

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Pink Sugar Cookies

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i temporarily thought these pictures here were all lost… turns out sometimes fate isn’t just a bitch, read: they were securely stashed away on an sd card, as they’re supposed to, and eventually, i found said lost sd card with the pink pictures on it. heureka![gap height=”20″] had i not found them, you wouldn’t be introduced with this new feature,…

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Springlike Watercress Soup

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for some, working out is the main source of energy, and for me it occasionally is. though recently i’m much more into “slowing down” while exercising, not pushing my limits. i.e. ballet and yoga do the trick. so graceful and cute – or much rather admittedly ridiculous and lots of fun, those ballet classes for grown-ups.

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Cheese Cake Filled Easter Eggs

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easter has always been a serious business at our house… especially when i was a kid, my family would plan the easter egg hunt meticulously. most years, we were at my aunt’s & uncle’s house in the south of france with a huge pine forest as a garden. hunting for chocolate meant we were stuck in that forest for hours…

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Cherry Cardamom Pavlova

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pavlova! i don’t think this ever gets boring. clouds of meringues, tart, boozy cherries on top,  hints of cardamom… what’s not to like? in other words: i’m really into pavlova. i mean i wish i could be one. no! i really mean: i just really like pavlova. full stop. and i can’t wait for spring and summer to come up…

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Winter Feast

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as much as i love to cook and entertain, i’m not complaining when i’m invited for dinner, either. especially at my mom’s. she’s a grat cook and i’m always happy when she’s in one of those ‘showing off’ modes, like she was pre holidays on that particular night. i’ve kept the pictures hidden way too long but thought i’d share…

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Champagne Cake Pops

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i’ve always wanted to make cake pops, but then again, for some reason or other, they do feel a little premature…? you know, like studs on clothes and shoes (some might say) – although i totally have a weak spot for studs (still). this does not mean i’m working hard on not buying anything with studs on it. i am…

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Vegetarian Holiday Sides

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merry christmas, still! i hope you enjoy the holidays. i might have a couple of pounds more on the scale. but hey, i’ll enjoy the festivities and the overindulgence (ahem) while it lasts. that was my promise to myself. and that means i won’t stop before the new year.

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Black Forest Trifle

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i love baking cakes. which i do, of course, to obtain something: a good result, a pretty to look at (ideally) and yummy cake. both, equally. well, for this cake, what i wanted to obtain was a black forest layer cake, with three layers of lush chocolate cake and mascarpone cream, röteli (a swiss cherry liquor in a deep red)…

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(More) Holiday Nibbles

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i have a weakness for sweet things… and recently, i’ve discovered my affinity for baking holiday cookies, too! mailänderli, even – a swiss holiday butter cookie. so this is a potpourri post, dedicated to a variety of (last minute) holiday nibbles: mailänderli, christmas tree sugar cookies and sugared cranberries (which, by the way, you can use with cheese as an…

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