Carrot and Banana Loaf with Cream Cheese Frosting

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somehow i’ve been craving carrot cake these past couple of weeks, and never got around to making one. easter was kind of like the inofficial deadline (i take the rabbit’s calling pretty seriously). this time around, i deviated from my standard carrot (only) cake, adding banana. and guess what? it was pretty good, very moist and naturally sweet. the cream…

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Chocolate Dipped Almond Brittle

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i’m officially a short haired (concerning me, anyway) girl! i thought i might as well step out of my comfort zone a little bit and – chop, chop – now i’m a bit blonder and a lot of hair lighter. for what feels like an eternity, i haven’t had a proper new ‘do on my head. so this feels extra…

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Cheese Cake Filled Easter Eggs

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easter has always been a serious business at our house… especially when i was a kid, my family would plan the easter egg hunt meticulously. most years, we were at my aunt’s & uncle’s house in the south of france with a huge pine forest as a garden. hunting for chocolate meant we were stuck in that forest for hours…

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Brown Butter Choc Chip Cookies

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i’m still – and might be forever so – on the hunt for the perfect cookie. one that’s slightly chewy and soft, not too sweet, not too thin, with a nice, buttery flavor. i’m still not sure if the lack of the perfect home made cookie in my life is due to my lack in cookie baking skills (might be,…

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Oreo Truffles

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welcome to the last (and sweet) post of 2014! i’m always one for holding onto things just a liiiiittle bit longer. saying goodbye to the holiday is hard for me. but i think it’s (just about) okay to indulge one more time into something a bit christmassy festive looking. are you in? these oreo truffles are super easy and by…

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Black Forest Trifle

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i love baking cakes. which i do, of course, to obtain something: a good result, a pretty to look at (ideally) and yummy cake. both, equally. well, for this cake, what i wanted to obtain was a black forest layer cake, with three layers of lush chocolate cake and mascarpone cream, röteli (a swiss cherry liquor in a deep red)…

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