Beer Bread (No-Knead)

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Time is running so fast… I can’t believe my little munchkin is almost 2 months old. And that this means that I’ve been at home for almost two months. The two best months of my life so far. As a mom (and a housewife, admittedly) – the  best job in the world. Even if it means you only ever get…

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Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Cake

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Hello folks, I’m back! Happy new year? Question mark, because that’s probably not in place, given that’s it already February. Ha! But hey, it sure is a happy new year for us, and of course I’d like to share our happiness with you. Because what is it that they say: love and happiness gets bigger when shared. SO the major…

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Chocolate Coconut Stars (& Trees)

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Incredible how fast time goes by… I’ve been meaning to get into Holiday Baking much earlier, but life got in the way. December… Gotta love this season! So many plans, so little time. As it turns out, this Sunday was the first opportunity to simply bake something (not strictly necessary). So I got into the kitchen, armed with dozens of…

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Mulled Wine Gingerbread Bundt Cake

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  Normally, I’d be working on putting together The List for my Seasonal Bucket List – but this year, it just feels like we’re still so far away from Winter and The Holidays… Or maybe this year just went too fast? It sure was an eventful on. Normally, by this time, I’d be well into baking cookies, decking the halls,…

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Sweet & Salty Chocolate Chip Challah Buns

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Remember when I recently showed you the Apple Fritters my friend and I made one random Saturday? Well, there were Apple Fritters – and then there were these darlings here: Chocolate Chip Challah Buns. With honey inside. And sweet and salty sprinkles. Doughy and nice. Very fluffy. In one word: heaven in a Bun. Well, I admit it right here…

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Moelleux au Chocolat – Lava Cakes

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There’s something about chocolate that always makes me see the output (read: the chocolatey goodness i just created) in a monochromatic way. Why? Because the Black and White scenes offset the chocolate’s beautiful, luscious dark, chocolatey brown even more. What normally appears to be just a dark brown color shines even more on an otherwise bland black and white background. Doesn’t this…

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Apple Fritters & Fall Flowers

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Some might associate spring or summer with the loveliest flowers, but for me it’s always been Fall…  Just look at those mighty Sunflowers! Huge! And right in front of my mom’s house, in the middle of the city, on an underestimated little field. The abundance of flowerful colors – Sunflowers but also Dahlias and those funny shaped clashing orange lampion…

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