E’s Tree

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Christmas is a good occasion to go overboard with kitsch… Nothing better to get me into this “grownup” sensation of Christmas than some twinkling lights, glitter, candles, santas, lovely smells and quirky ornaments. I have been collecting vintage ornaments forever (as evidenced here several times, year after year) and have dreamed of creating a tree for my child one day,…

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Ode to “Mimi” (Mama Milk) – Part I

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Not that we need a euphemism for “breastfeeding”. But E calling her beloved mama milk “Mimi”, in her raspy-but-soft voice, is the cutest thing ever, really. And right upfront – because I can literally hear you all think “but… how oooold is E again…?” when I write about “breastfeeding: E ist currently 18 months plus a couple of days old….

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E’s Kitchen

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Hi folks, I’m back, and hasn’t it been ages, again… Sure couldn’t have planned for a better return than this, though. Having a toddler means getting to indulge in things that we, as grown-ups, tend to forget to enjoy. Immersing ourselves in play, simple, infinite play. I never thought I was going to be the mama who fills the home…

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Easter Fried Egg Pavlova

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If you’ve been a long time reader, you probably know I’m all about the cheesy things (both, literally and non-literally) and definitely all about the cute foods. Anything cute, dressed up, dolled up, decorated, whimsy, pink, unicorn-y… yeah, I’m sold. Point in case: this easter pavlova in disguise, pretending to be a simple fried egg. Does it get any cuter?

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Beer Bread (No-Knead)

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Time is running so fast… I can’t believe my little munchkin is almost 2 months old. And that this means that I’ve been at home for almost two months. The two best months of my life so far. As a mom (and a housewife, admittedly) – the  best job in the world. Even if it means you only ever get…

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Avocado Rose (on Toast)

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Whenever I see a good DIY project – which happens a lot when you’re a Pinterest addict, like me – I think to myself: “oh, I want to try this!”. I will bookmark it lovingly and archive it under my crafts boards. But then, the likelyhood and truth is I’ll probably never start anything, really. The reason is. well, I’m…

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Roses, Macarons, Bling… and a Give Away

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Dear readers and friends, today I feel especially honored to be able to share with you a project that I was able to participate in. I got to represent no lesser brand than Piaget. And honestly…? They had me at Piaget, haha. Girls… we’re really sooo simple. Who wouldn’t say yes to having your pictures taken in a candy sweet – and…

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Home Made Coconut Chia Quinoa Granola

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These past weeks have been a lesson in so many things… Self-control and patience, mainly. But also, how to unwind after a very stressful day. How to not take things personally. How to be gentle. And also (unnecessarily) how to trouble shoot. The lesson I’ve learned is: there is no such thing as a perfect thing. Even if you planned…

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Sticky Rice w/ Coconut Cream & Mango

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When I think of my last proper (read: longer than a weekend, backpacking and free like a bird king of) travels, I think of 2003 (you guys!) when I travelled to Thailand. It was so fabulous! Busy Bangkok and beautiful beaches. And the food… OMG! Da best. Thailand got me forever hooked on coconut, curries, rice in all shapes, exotic…

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