Ode to “Mimi” (Mama Milk) – Part I

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Not that we need a euphemism for “breastfeeding”. But E calling her beloved mama milk “Mimi”, in her raspy-but-soft voice, is the cutest thing ever, really. And right upfront – because I can literally hear you all think “but… how oooold is E again…?” when I write about “breastfeeding: E ist currently 18 months plus a couple of days old….

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Introducing Solids, Part I

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We were “en vacances” in the beautiful Provence, France. My aunt’s house has been my favorite vacay destination, ever since 1982. It’s a hidden, old gem with giant garden. Something about it being entirely non touristy makes it all the more special. And with bébé, I think it’s even better to have your own kitchen etc… Even more so, since we…

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Being Two

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I am two, and I will never be one again. Now you probably think, Scarlett, are you nuts? Well I read such an intriguing article recently, where the author and mom put the thought forward that after having kids, you’re not just one being anymore, but two. You’re your kids, as well. Your whole being thinks and acts and feels for more…

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