Falling for Fall

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If you live close to Zurich, a visit to Juckerfarm is highly recommended in the fall. Kids love the pumpkins and related activities, like carving your own pumpkin, seeing how apple cider is produced, picking their own pumpkin to take home, walking through the apple maze, feeding and petting the goats. If you go on the weekends, make sure you…

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Bath Time Favourites

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Summer is coming to an end. The leaves are changing, the morning’s air is crisp, and the light is different. We are making sure to soak up the last late summer moments, hours and – if we’re lucky – days. I have a post prepared about our month away in Provence. Kind of like our summer diary. But first, let…

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E’s Big Birl Room (Updated)

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E isn’t a baby anymore. A truth I occasionally have a hard time facing… But then again, life with her is good, everyday, and every second of the day. Being a toddler mama is even better than being a baby mama, actually (and that’s coming from me, who loooved baby bliss and never figured I could enjoy being a mama…

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Urban Adventure: Fountain Hopping

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Who doesn’t like to cool off in this heat? It kind of seems like the only solution to keep sane. Summer in the city is often too hot to function properly – but not always entirely avoidable. But with our new favorite activity – fountain hopping – it is quite bearable, after all. City dwellers, listen up!

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Celebrating 1st August

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Swiss traditions or traditions in general… They inevitably come up once you’ve got a kid. It’s important to me to pass on an understanding of our culture and customs to E. And clearly, she is so interested. Soaking up all the new experiences coming with celebrating, like a sponge. Yes, we live in a fast, global world, where everything is…

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Ode to “Mimi” (Mama Milk) – Part I

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Not that we need a euphemism for “breastfeeding”. But E calling her beloved mama milk “Mimi”, in her raspy-but-soft voice, is the cutest thing ever, really. And right upfront – because I can literally hear you all think “but… how oooold is E again…?” when I write about “breastfeeding: E ist currently 18 months plus a couple of days old….

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Sunkissed by Adventure

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Who knew I was going to be the outdoorsy mama… The mama who always chases the sun, always prefers going for a spin in fresh air to being stuck inside. Well, go figure. No one ever told me playtime in the sand and dirt with little one would be that much fun! Here we are, though, muddy, sandy, sticky, soaking…

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Easter Basket for Young & Old

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Even before mamahood, gift giving was kind of my biggest hobby. And nowadays with baby (pardon me, toddler of course) I’m kind of in non-stop gift giving frenzy…! The explanation being: little one simply „needs“ so much stuff… From everyday basic clothes to functional wear like rain boots to books, toys, tablewear and snack boxes… Endless. With a toddler, shopping…

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E’s Kitchen

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Hi folks, I’m back, and hasn’t it been ages, again… Sure couldn’t have planned for a better return than this, though. Having a toddler means getting to indulge in things that we, as grown-ups, tend to forget to enjoy. Immersing ourselves in play, simple, infinite play. I never thought I was going to be the mama who fills the home…

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