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Behind The Scenes I

Behind The Scenes I

it almost became a running gag how the food i cook gets the better pictures than i get of myself. it’s more than a little bit true, though. pathetic selfless, need i say more? there is a time and age where selfies shouldn’t be part of the game anymore. but of course, if you’re more...

2013 in review

this is 2013, the year it was. a good one, overall. beautiful moments, meaningful events, long hugs, fresh air, unknown places (like amsterdam) and new learnings. if 2014 is half as blessed, i’m thankful. let the fun begin, or, to take one step after another, get started with a shower, maybe? yeah, gross. cheers, loves! 

peanut butter s’mores chunks

the holidays were nice, but also, a bit testing… for my ability to be alone and bored, mainly. but a clever person once told me that boredom is the root to new creativity, and so it feels. and, well, now that the life is back to the city, people are out again, my lust for...

Gingerbread Men

Gingerbread Men

checkered plate and boots from en soie merry christmas to you! merry and bright, cookies and love. in switzerland, most families celebrate on the evening of the 24th, the holy nigh, with dinner and gifts and church. well, it’s tonight! i can hardly believe it. it’s never to late to whip up a batch of...

red velvet crinkle cookies

okay, your wish is my command. you didn’t exactly vote against the salad, but i can see you smirk, there and then, and think ‘well i do prefer a cookie to a salad’. easy one! these are tricky ones… firstly, i don’t seem to be lucky with red velvet. i mean, my name is ‘scarlett’...

transition to winter

the transition from fall to winter, and, thus, the approaching holiday season, wraps me in such a cosy, content feeling. it should come packaged and available to buy in shops to store in your pantry, or to rip it open and take a heartful on sad days to lift your spirits.  i take a lot...

decadence (like flowers and porcini)

there are simple things in life that enhance it and give it a proper silver lining. among the things that make me happy are – and you might have guessed it all along – flowers. okay, it’s decadent, but i like my house full of flowers alright. and i don’t need them matchy-matchy, i just...

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