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Summer Dreaming

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i know it’s barely spring (although the weather has been treating us very nicely, lately), but i’m already in a summer state of mind. i’d like to go somewhere exotic, maybe tropic, or at least a little bit southern. somewhere with a beach with beautiful bright blue water and white sand. where they serve little colorful cocktails with tiny umbrellas…

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Easter Picks

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the times when easter was still all about egg hunts and finding your easter basket (that someone put together with much love and care) are long gone, yet especially on holidays like easter, i miss being a child. i’ve been awfully spoilt, that’s for sure, but i wouldn’t want to make it any other way for my own kids, one…

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Fennel Radish Salad (with Hemp Seeds)

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this has been such a wonderful and happy – albeit very intense – week! so many good surprises (like a new project at work), a blog project that we’ve put the finish touches on (i am sorry i will only be able to reveal what it is later – i.e. next month). the only thing that’s missing – if i’m being…

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Holiday Home

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it’s the season to be merry! and to begin with, there’s always the same, much beloved tradition: decking the halls. in other years, the results looked like this and this and this. there are the traditional home made  tree trimmings wreaths, the mistletoe (a must have for the fork and flower headquarters, as it’s in the logo, too, and i am looking…

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tarte tropézienne

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i like things that take their time. don’t all good things do? take yesterday morning, for example. i went running. it was already rather hot out at 7am, so it was a slow and languish run. but i was still advancing. and i was so lucky to experience a mouse crossing my path (literally) with her short but hurried legs,…

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blue blues

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here’s that bouquet i told you about, for my friend who was getting married (civillian) on friday. i want to stress that i think there’s no better thing than a blue bouquet (something blue, huh?) for a bride. apart from the fact that i’m obviously anyhow smitten with blue flowers. don’t ask me what it is that i’ve got going…

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june flowers

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my friend is getting married on friday! i’m making a tiny bouquet for her. i’m thinking maybe wide open, white peonies and fluffy snowballs…? in the meantime, i’m enjoying these friends here. i wish peonies season was never over. 

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strawberry bundt & mom’s home

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happy morther’s day to all moms out there! i don’t know a lot about motherhood (none to nothing, really). because, unlike many of my friends, i haven’t had this urge to have a baby of my own. but i’m starting to think that it would definitely be wonderful to have a daughter, one day, to teach her things, care for…

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wild herb gathering

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remember the crazy chai pear and chocolate pudding tart…? that’s when the collaboration (though, in all honesty, we stick to calling it ‘playing around’, actually) between photographer extraordinaire christine benz and my humble (aspiring food stylist, ahem) self started. by now, we’re already two days, several hours of hard, sweaty work and a couple more insights on working together on…

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blooms & bubbly cocktail

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sometimes, a tiny thing like a weekend spent away with friends, celebrating the marriage of a beautiful couple, is all it takes to change perspectives. i was rather exhausted and a bit burnt out last week before the blissful weekend in the mountains. but it was so filled with love that i can’t help but feel ecstatic. about almost everything. …

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