Waffles For The Table

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You know those types of people, who always order good stuff – pancakes, waffles or dessert – for the table? They’re my people. Simple logic: you want those waffles – and so does everybody else. They might just not be ready to admit it, or ready to indulge in so many calories, all by themselves. So in order to indulge,…

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Bloem for your Home

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“I must have flowers, always and always”. Okay, famous words not mine, but still exactly my sentiment. I can live without five star menus (if you pass me just the dessert, please?), fancy make up and jewellery. But I can’t live without flowers. If I had to save drastically (and this won’t turn into a savings recommendation post, promise) –…

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Gooseberry Ricotta Cake

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Hei Hei, I’m back! Back from our little summer vacay in Finland – and already back (knee deep) at work. The holidays passed fairly quickly, then again, our stay in the rural log cabin in the lake country of Finland, near Kuopio, was magic and uplifting and also strangely felt like time stood still. I’m convinced nature does that to…

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Flaky, Buttery Scones

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To start things off: I’m really sorry – crushed, actually – for that long absence from F&F! It’s been too long (you can tell this by spotting the peonies, who are clearly not late summer flowers, ahem… still very pretty though, and a shame to waste a perfectly good picture). Uncharacteristically, I’ve neglected this space for over a week. And…

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Simple & Quick Coconut Loaf

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Coconut is probably one of my favorite flavors… I don’t necessarily mean the (cheap) perfumes and body sprays (the term alone…) I used as a teenager. I admit I slightly overdid it with these. Much rather, I refer to the connotations of coconut with summer, sun and beaches – because obviously I’ve spent my beach vacations in Italy, where freshly sliced coconuts are being offered…

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Raspberry Swiss Roll

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Funnily, this dessert, that I’ve eaten countless times during my childhood – mostly on garden party occasions in our back yard. But have since neglected, inexplicably, is apparently called “Swiss Roll”. At least, that what pinterest recently indicated it as. Around here, it’s simply known as a “Raspberry Roulade” or “Biscuit Roulade”, which I find slightly more accurate (considering I’m also “Swiss”,…

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Fennel Radish Salad (with Hemp Seeds)

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this has been such a wonderful and happy – albeit very intense – week! so many good surprises (like a new project at work), a blog project that we’ve put the finish touches on (i am sorry i will only be able to reveal what it is later – i.e. next month). the only thing that’s missing – if i’m being…

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tarte tropézienne

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i like things that take their time. don’t all good things do? take yesterday morning, for example. i went running. it was already rather hot out at 7am, so it was a slow and languish run. but i was still advancing. and i was so lucky to experience a mouse crossing my path (literally) with her short but hurried legs,…

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blue blues

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here’s that bouquet i told you about, for my friend who was getting married (civillian) on friday. i want to stress that i think there’s no better thing than a blue bouquet (something blue, huh?) for a bride. apart from the fact that i’m obviously anyhow smitten with blue flowers. don’t ask me what it is that i’ve got going…

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