Roasted Veggie Salad

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Unfortunately it’s still winter outside – but can we do spring inside? We can do it. I’m a big fan of “nose to tail eating”. And by that I don’t mean the pig’s tail (I leave these to my carnivore enthusiasts friends…), but instead imply that we should look at vegs that way, too! Because what works with meat sure…

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Making my own Nutbutter

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Nutbutters have been on my list of favorite ingredients for years and years… And the domain is endless. Nutbutters are real multitalents, adding “oomph” to just about anything, from smoothies to porridge and müesli to desserts. To dip a slice of apple in almond butter…? Hmm, delicious. And they’re good spread on top of rice waffles, crackers and bread. Or,…

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Vegan Banana Pancakes

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Is it just me, or is this Vegan Thing suddenly everywhere..? I mean, as a food interested person, I have heard about and eaten it, and also tried it in my own kitchen often enough. But, recently, there seems to be an even bigger explosion of the topic. Maybe it’s just Switzerland. Or maybe it’s the typical post purchase (in a…

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Vegan Berry Smoothie Bowl

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Now, juice and smoothie fans have to listen to a lot of criticism… Not enough fibre! Nothing to chew! Too much fruit in one gulp! Not good for the digestion! And I know… i know! But…! Listen to me. I’m hard working, I’m also somewhat committed to clean eating and an overall healthy lifestyle. And thus, I drink juices.

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Pink Juice

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They say “eat your greens” – and God knows it’s not always easy. At least for me. Some days, I feel like healthy eating comes naturally to me. Other days… not so much. Not that I’m always just craving sugar and fat. But often times, unhealthy options are the easier choices. They’re at display, usually not more than a block away….

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Chococo Popsicles

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Summer isn’t all but gone yet – despite the much chillier mornings and nights – but i’m already craving darker, moodier, more comfort oriented foods. If only for the looks. And what better to fulfill this mood than dark, intense, naughty chocolate? [gap height=”20″]

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Chilled Tomato Soup with Cumin

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Whenever there’s a chance to visit a farmer’s or flower market, I’m game. I like the hustle and bustle of the wee hours, the stalls being set up, people chatting and exchanging a few words with the cheese supplier of their choice. It’s time standing still. It’s like a mini vacation in an otherwise busy week. Some weeks ago, I managed to…

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