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Woof! E’s Puppy Pawty & Tips

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Throwing parties is one of my greatest pleasures in life. One of my only mottos I consistently stick to is: celebrate everything! Firm believer that every day should be a little party. As bigger bashes go, alas, I have to say that hubbie and I are not too fond of celebrating our own birthdays. I always say that I’ve had…

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Winter Wonderland Arosa

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When you get the chance to visit one of the leading hotels in Switzerland, nestled in the most majestic of mountains surrounded by snowy peaks, with your toddler and mama in tow – you even postpone your Christmas preparations a bit to make it happen. I was a little sceptical at first if it was a good idea… I haven’t…

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Interview on Sweet Home

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A couple of years ago at the same time of the year, the dear Marianne Kohler of Sweet Home Blog paid me a visit in my overly christmassy home (I was still living alone by the time ahaha). You can find the home heportage about it here. This year, we finally reunited – but with more chocolate and a focus…

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Waffles For The Table

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You know those types of people, who always order good stuff – pancakes, waffles or dessert – for the table? They’re my people. Simple logic: you want those waffles – and so does everybody else. They might just not be ready to admit it, or ready to indulge in so many calories, all by themselves. So in order to indulge,…

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Happy Roast Beef (Sous Vide)

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For my long-time readers: you know how I’m not big on meat, yes? Some even say “she only does desserts and vegs”, ahaha. And I admit, it’s not entirely wrong..! I like to make a bird for Thanksgiving though (which I tooootally missed this year, ugh! Setting a mental reminder for next November, not to forget the turkey shenanigans) or…

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E’s Tree

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Christmas is a good occasion to go overboard with kitsch… Nothing better to get me into this “grownup” sensation of Christmas than some twinkling lights, glitter, candles, santas, lovely smells and quirky ornaments. I have been collecting vintage ornaments forever (as evidenced here several times, year after year) and have dreamed of creating a tree for my child one day,…

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(Festive) Apéro

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Do you remember the famous “Täschler” from Betty Bossi? I remember it clearly as an element of my childhood, right up there with the likes of Nintendo, the walkman and Double Dip. The Täschler was maybe the most prominent, helpful little household gadget of the nineties. Mamas all over the country would use it to help them transfer a dull…

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Advent, Advent…

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I remember vividly, how much effort my mama used to put into curating a beautiful advent calendar for me, every Christmas, for almost 20 years. Every year was a different set-up. Once there was a white painted tree (a proper tree, sans leaves) hanging atop my bed, strewn with twinkling lights and 24 little boxes with treasures inside. Once there…

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My Mama (Tea) Moments

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(AD – and what SPECIAL.T by Nestlé has to do with #mamalife) The biggest challenge about being a mama for me is, simply: time for myself. Between spending time with the toddler, work, taking care of the home, laundry… you get it, there is often no more time for just “me”. Mamalife taught me that I can go a long…

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Love & Light

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Winter time childhood magic. What ingredients are your childhood winter memories made of? Mine for sure include: candle light, heavenly baking smells from Mami’s cookie sessions filling the house, oranges, clementines and cinnamon included in every meal, the Samichlaus visiting at home, writing wish lists to Santa, the twinkling lights and the tree, and of course thematic parades, Samichlausumzug oder…

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