Beautiful Walls

Beautiful Walls

It’s not a secret that I love to add some new touches here and there in our home, regularly. Change. I need it in our home. Otherwise I’m not feeling well.

We have only recently discovered art and prints for the walls, though! And what a powerful tool to transform the whole look of your interior it is! Now that we started to incorporate a few prints here and there, there is simply no going back. More is definitely more! Can even see myself decorating and then redecorating the walls, according to the seasons! How fun would a thematic Christmas wall of fame be? Wintery landscapes, snowflake blue and white hues together with pine tree greens. A Christmas dream! Whoops… Got carried away, a tad. Because first things first!

What you see here is a glimpse into our home and our newly styled living room wall – featuring beautiful, meaningful and cool (as we describe it) art from Desenio. Desenio has the latest in art and design, with many different styles of wall art. Stylish wall art reflecting the latest trends in interior design – and always great quality at great prices. You can be sure to find wall art that matches your taste. Whatever your style and preferences, find the right art to suit your home. Choose from a wide range of different designs, including photographic prints, fun kitchen related art, classic black & white images, cool retro wall art, modern abstract art, illustrations, beautiful wall art for kids and much, much more.

Curious? Browse and explore their collections. Or be inspired by our picks from Desenio and the wall we created. Let me tell you a bit about how and why we picked each piece. And how we curated the new beautiful wall.

Firstly, let me share with you why we chose the following 4 prints from DESENIO.

Good Vibes Only – what a great motto to start every day like, right? We love this print for its simple, bold and meaningful statement. A great reminder to stay positive.

Ramen – not only do I love to eat a good Ramen Noodle Soup, I also find asian noodles one of the prettiest foods there is. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the art is in this lovely muted lavender shade. It’s not grey and it’s not lilac, it’s that perfect mix. Love a touch of lavender at home. Has a calming effect on me.

Still Saving For My Picasso – true. Well, get rich or die trying. The latter for us. I love this print so much because it pulls you in. You want to know exactly what’s written there. We hope it will make our guests smile to themselves when reading it.

Boobs – Well, that one was a quick pick. We’re a female dominated household, for once. And since I’m a big breastfeeding enthusiast, I just find it so fun and also a good discussion starter with house guests.

Want to know my secrets for creating the perfect art wall?

01. Mix it up. In the process of choosing the right art for the living room, I made a conscious effort not to go overboard with one specific look. But to mix things up enough for it to be an intriguing – and our very own – look. So I also threw in some photos that I took and framed them. To achieve this overall effortless and cool look.

02. Female-male. It was also important to us that both of us – my husband and I – were fine with the pieces we chose. Easier said than done: while my husband prefers a sleek, reduced to the max, black and white designy look, I’m more the eclectic, boho, hippie, old-meets-new, kitschy and girly girl when it comes to decorating. Hey, just a minor challenge there, haha. But surprisingly, we agreed on the 4 pieces pretty quickly. And C chose the major part of the prints and I was totally fine with that. His ideas were so great, I was more than happy to go along with them. The result is a look that is cool and contemporary and that works for a female and a male environment, simultaneously.

03. Layering. A good wall gallery needs some hanging pieces, of course. But I also like to layer them behind each other, leaning on the wall. It just makes it look casual and effortlessly cool.

04. Be bold. I would almost say “you can’t go wrong” with picking your future art at DESENIO. There are so many options, yes! Might it be overwhelming? Yes? But really, just be bold! And go with your gut feeling. Don’t overthink it. Be spontaneous. But maybe sleep on it! And then be spontaneous again. And then hit “purchase”, when you think you’ve reflected enough, lol. Create your own signature look that no one else is showcasing in their home. It’s such fun! I could search for more artwork night after night! I love it so much.

05. Screen time. Last but not least, it’s nice to play with the art displayed on our TV as well! We have a Samsung The Frame where you can pick and choose from thousands of artworks to feature on your screen. So clever! It makes the whole wall look complete.

To sum this up, I’m pretty sure we have only just started incorporating art into our home! Next will no doubt be the hallway. And the kitchen! So many blank white walls that need an upgrade. Can not wait to tackle every corner! More is more, right?

I’d love to know: What’s the look you are going for when choosing art for your home?

To make you jump at the chance and tackle your next blank white wall with gusto, I am happy to share with you my CODE for Desenio. To receive an extra 10% off on top of the weekend offers (25% off), use my Code “FORKANDFLOWER”. Valid through 6th September. Not valid on frames, handpicked and personalized art. Valid from 3rd to 6th September 2021.

This post has been created in cooperation with DESENIO.

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