Christmas Spirit & Paper Stars DIY

Christmas Spirit & Paper Stars DIY

I love the season… Inspite of all the events around Christmas that have been cancelled this year, like Samichlaus and Märlichtram, I still enjoy all the magic. How you can transform a random, dark and cold day into something special so easily.

On Sundays, love to enjoy a good cup of tea, put on some Christmas music (not everyone loves it, though *imlookingatyou*) and work a bit around the house, deck the halls bit by bit and room by room. We take our time, during November and December, and add a bit more here and there every week.

And this year, I can’t really decide whether I should go full in with the kitsch, pink and clashing colors and all, or should just keep it “minimal”, white and a bit more earthy / handmade. Because I actually like both! I should just have two houses to decorate, ahaha.

In any case, I discovered DIY paper stars and am obsessed…! Okay, so I might be a tad (like a decade), late to the party, but #lifewithkids, right? But I still thought I’d give them a go and whoa, just in love. With both, how they look (so natural and simple and cute) but also how easily they are done! It’s like magic, really. I’ll show you how it’s done.

DIY Paper (Bag) Stars / Snowflakes

What you will need:
7 paper bags (the bigger the bags, the bigger the star / snowflakes)
Glue or glue gun
Clips to hold together
Nail to pierce a hole
Wire or cord to hang the stars

Directions for the paper stars:
Glue a T-shape onto the bottom (closed) side of the first bag. Put the second one on top of the first one. Cut out a triangle on each side of the (open) top. Repeat: glue new bag on top of the other two. Cut out some more triangles to make a pattern into the snowflakes. Unfold to make a wheel and clip together the ends. Pierce a hole into the tips of both ends, to put a cord through. Hang up on a tree, into a window or wherever you like, really.

We experimented a bit with a different kind of tree this year – birch trees! We got cut-offs from the forester through my mom, and although I feared it was a laborious experiment, it was actually not much work at all to set it up. Some fairy lights and ta-dah! A different but still very Christmas moody tree. We love all the lights!

When you are still looking for that particular Christmas mood, then a cup of tea to go with your crafts session is highly recommended. Insert: this beautiful Limited Edition flavor “Out of Africa” by SPECIAL.T. A tasty Rooibos (my everyday favorite) from South Africa in a festive attire. That scent and taste is so quintessentially Christmassy…! If you miss the Christmas fairs and Christmas markets, then this is just for you! Also, a very good alternative to Glühwein (mulled wine) – which I don’t like… It combines the delicacy of caramelized apples with the power of ginger (never wrong during this C-times…) and cinnamon (which also has a lot of health benefits). It tastes fruity, spicy even, and lovely with its caramelized notes.

Crafting is my cardio. Add some Frank Sinatra Christmas schmoo, a cup of wintery, warming Rooibos and I’m happy. Inspite of everything, I’m feeling immensely grateful.

Thank you SPECIAL.T for sponsoring this post.

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