Glittery Pumpkins DIY

Glittery Pumpkins DIY

With two girls, I can honestly say that our aesthetics – even mine alone, but especially “ours” as in hubbie and mine – at home has changed, a lot. We still hope it will one day be back to basic, no glitter everything. But until then, we’re just enjoying the girly vibes. I must say that a little glitter goes a long way to make everyone happy – the kids, for sure, but also me. Awww… just a thought! Is glitter therapy really a thing…? It sure should be! For us, at least it’s glitter everywhere. Even in our home! Where I do try to limit it to the occasional decoration or crafts project…

So, you know how my big girl E is really into planning and throwing parties, right? A proper events’ planner in the making, telling you. And this autumn, Elma is partial to hosting a proper Halloween bash for all her gal pals. Now, it’s not my favorite holiday, I admit. Mainly because of the “not invented here” syndrome, I guess. But from an (almost) 4 year old’s perspective, I totally get why it’s absolutely necessary: all the candy, one more reason to decorate the house, fun and spooky, dress up time, crazy adventures at night, trick or treating the grownups… Seriously, it does sound like the best time!

Well, I guess a Halloween bash is really in our very near future, y’all. And the prospect isn’t too scary (pun intended). To ease into all the (for us still quite foreign and out of the usual) planning, decor and Halloween shebang, we started things off with decorating some pumpkins. I’ve tried carving one ages ago and it didn’t turn out cute. I guess I don’t have enough muscles for it, duh. So we decided on something juuuuuust a little more glittery, because why not? Right you are. Here’s our very girly alternative to carved pumpkins. Ta-dah! The More-is-More-Glitter-Pumpkins.

What you will need for these:

White pumpkins (work best)
Acrylic paint in the colors of your choice
Crafts glue or glue gun
Glitter (self explanatory)
Decorative diamonds, stickers, beads, sequins, petals, dried flowers…
…and other decor to your heart’s content


Paint the pumpkins with acrylic paint and let dry. This will take up to one hour or more, depending on how thick your coat is. After the first coat, you find you need some more paint. We added a second coat. A note on the paint: we found that the paint can come off a bit when you glue something onto it. You want to handle the painted pumpkins very carefully.

Now your pumpkins are ready to be decorated. We used a mix of dried flowers (as “hair”), glitter, and decorative diamonds. And just got wild with the glue gun! Really, E was taking over art direction, so I just went with whatever her vision was.

I am partial to the one with the glittery face. And E’s favorite is the one with the dried flowers (not the hydrangeas) on top. Our motto – as always (staying true to ourselves, always) – is: more is more!

Now, you can decorate your home with your glittery gems! Elma thinks that they look pretty much anywhere – from the bedside table, living room table, window sill, book shelf, on top of every chest of drawer or even the dining table. I see a lot of shifting pumpkins around in my future…! Oh, October, we’re ready for you!


Pumpkins from our local “farmer” / patch, Juckerfarm
Plastic zip bags
White bedside table (with detachable tray)
Lamp in bedroom
Couch table golden tray
White tray on dining table (see bedside table)
Kerzenständer weiss
Glas Cloche
Kerzen Stumpen
Water jars
Rattan bench IKEA Stockholm series (but currently not availble)
Rattan basket

Thank you IKEA for sponsoring this fun DIY!

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