Splish, Splash! Bath Time Fun

Splish, Splash! Bath Time Fun

Last year when we moved into our new “forever” home (only 500 m away from our last place, but more spacious and with a rooftop terrace), my heart was a bit heavy… I love a good home makeover – and who doesn’t, right? So many cute corners to decorate and reinvent – but also so many “unfinished” corners, that felt a bit temporary. I knew our resources meant I wouldn’t be able to tackle everything at once. Rosa’s room was first. And we then prioritized the terrace over everything else, to make it ready for spring (and what a blessing it has been during the lockdown…!). The living room has stayed more or less the same as it was before – give or take a couple of new pillows. And the bathrooms… definitely major work in progress!

I didn’t even want to change so many things, but the project still felt a little too big to tackle at the time. Finally, this summer we decided on a shelf from the big Swede to replace a (much too heavy and dark, albeit beautiful and heirloom) wooden chest of drawers. I even installed the shelf myself, no big deal even for someone without DIY or “Heimwerker” skills (Note: tbh, I was super proud, because I managed to put up an IKEA shelf all by myself, high five!).

Once the shelf was up, I reorganized our baskets and decorated the shelf a bit. Decorate meaning putting the things we use daily front and center. Pretty baskets help to stay organized. We also changed out the carpet for this beautiful black and white cotton one. And I love the pop of colour thanks to the little stool for the kids to reach up to brush their teeth. Such a cheerful yellow! Once everything was in place and I picked up the kids from daycare, they immediately tested the tub with an elaborate bath time fun. No better place to unwind from a day away!

Haha, and a small fun fact… I looooove that clothes rack, but must admit for the sake of authenticity here that I think it’s just beautiful and not functional at all… I’ve seen it everywhere on Insta so was kinda influenced into buying it. And it does make clothes hung to dry look sorta stylish. But, there is just not enough space for us! It’s a bit of a joke, really, with two kids… So this part is just to show you that, loves, don’t believe everything you see! Some things are just for the sake of the picture. Alright? #formorerealityontheblog #honestmotherhood

Baskets round
Carpet black / white
Yellow stool
Wooden tub tray
Clothes rack
Anti slip mat crocodile

Thank you IKEA for sponsoring this post.

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