Family Bed & Pillow Fight

Family Bed & Pillow Fight

I really wanted to start this post with the line: Fight Like A Girl. But then it didn’t make too much sense after all. Sooo… #akwardsilence.

Here I am instead, showing off our family bed situation. Because I always find that super exciting to see in other families… Yes, so the girls and I sleep together in one big, cozy bed. Truth is: I have never slept a night apart from E – except from the 3 nights in hospital after R’s birth. W started co-sleeping with Elma when she was born and never stopped… It just made so much sense for us. I was nursing seemingly around the clock with E, especially at around 10 months when she made all of her teeth at once. It was the setup that brought me peace of mind and how everyone got the most sleep. Close and cuddly.

And I must also simply admit that I like this setup more than I probably should! It might not be very fashionable or approved by many, but here it is. Confession time. Family bed is just sooo snuggly, comfortable and practical!

As you can see, it’s not a giant bed, it’s a simple bed measured 180cm x 200 cm. I sleep in the middle. And for R’s safety, we have a drop-out protection on her side that can be removed easily. We have plenty of blankets in all shapes, textures and sizes. And loooots of pillows, as you can see.

Speaking of which… We do love our occasional pillow fight. Highly recommend one, fun for you and your kids. Especially during these hard times, where going out and being socially active is cancelled. My girls just love it, especially right after nap time when they wake up, they seamlessly move from cuddling (each other and me) to throwing a pillow fight. E calls it “Chüssiballschlacht” (pillow ball fight), ahaha. I can’t!

How do you sleep best? What’s your family setup? I’d love to know.

All things considered… Maybe “Fight Like A Girl” isn’t too bad, after all.

You can find all of the cute decor, pillows, bed sheets, side table (night stand), lamps and the wooven bench at IKEA, the Swede of our trust! Let me link everything for you here, service!

Pillow covers, bed sheet and cover set
Pillow covers, linen
Side table (with detachable tray)
Wooden bench from the Stockholm series (currently unavailble)
Basket rattan
Lamp shade large
Lamp small
Candle holder
Carafe & glasses
Frame wood

This post was created in cooperation with IKEA Schweiz

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