Little House, Little Garden

Little House, Little Garden

They rightly say “teach them young”. And it’s also kind of my “Mama Mantra”, summed up. I like to really let the girls explore and learn in a play based, trial-and-error kinda way. So, as much as I love the city we live in (shoutout to our beautiful Zurich) and to explore the urban jungle, I also strongly believe that kids should grow up outside. With nothing but nature to play with. To develop a sense for all things wild and free.

That being said, E is so into animals and plants…! I really have to google new facts about some kind of creature daily. It’s really challenging to wow her with new knowledge every day, because she already knows the animal kingdom better than I do. And she cares so much… OMG! It was only this morning when E picked up a dead (RIP) ladybug on the way to daycare. She wanted to bring it back to life, the poor thing… The other day, her daycare girl told me at pickup that the kids had found a beetle. Someone promptly said: “A ladybug!”. But E corrected her and said: “No, that’s not a ladybug, that’s a firebug!”. And it’s the same with plants, she can already name so many plant friends. She doesn’t just say “oh, look at that beautiful flower” but actually “oh, look at that beautiful forgetmenot”. I find it super cute, but I guess she’s a cleverclogs for life. But I just try to foster her eagerness and curiosity, and love for our wildlife, as much as possible.

Truth is, I know first hand how a green thumb is definitely something you need to be able to explore and develop. You aren’t just born with it. I had to learn it – still am, actually! coughing – from my mama! She knows a thing or two from gardening. It’s so good to profit from that experience. But I mean, it’s even better to be able to experience first-hand. Since we’ve got our rooftop, we’re making a conscious effort to let E explore gardening and growing her own flowers and herbs, right in front of her little house. It’s our little urban oasis, and we flee to it as often as possible. Shifting pots around, enjoying all kinds of snacks in or around her little house and garden, playing hide and seek, watering the plants, letting Rosa play with water, splashing around, watching insects and naming them and just enjoying the sun, wind and weather. Urban garden bliss!

All you need to start your own mini garden:
A couple of pots (ours are mix and match, but I really like these we have from IKEA, we have them inside the house and on the little balcony, too), some soil, and of course herbs, flowers and vegetables or seeds to your liking. E is partial to all things tasty or blooming, so we have a bit of everything. The plants she takes responsibility for are:

Snack peppers
Wild sage
Wild bees’ flower mix that we started from seeds
Cordelia (or something, I must admit I didn’t understand the farmer who sold us ahaha, they’re the yellow and orange blooming ones)
A couple of mini Christmas trees
Forgetmenots (currently not in bloom)
Daffodils (same)

The little table, which is actually a little foldable stool from IKEA, is ideal for serving snacks at all times. It gives her little house that “restauranty” feel. The mini carafe is also from IKEA. As are the white net shopping bag, door mat and outdoor fairy lights that we attached around the house. Other things we used for the house are mostly vintage and flea market finds! I’m really good at scoring cool stuff at thrift shops, too. Will try to show you the inside and the toys we use in the house (we call it our little Kiosk, by the way) soon-ish! Stay tuned.

Shoot me a message or leave a comment if you have any kind of questions regarding the house and it’s little garden.


This post was created in collaboration with IKEA.

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