Rooftop Cinema

Rooftop Cinema

When you can’t go to the cinema (because Corona happened), then the cinema has to come to you. Right? During these crazy times where staying home is the new chic, well, you really have to be more creative than ever… Luckily, we have been so lucky to call this home with our – not too shabby – rooftop (60qm!) our home. E enjoys playing on it almost daily and for hours a stretch.

And while we tried to cram in as many hours of proper work during those past lockdown weeks where we were staying at home all the time, working from home, we also focused on staying sane, as parents and humans, ourselves. So E got to enjoy more screen time than it’s good for her… I admit it, I’m officially THAT mama. But; the end justifies the means, non? Seriously, this girl can watch shows from morning to night, no break included. And since she loves it so much, I figured why not treat her to her own version of paradise? With her very own, proper, exclusive, blue hour Rooftop Cinema! BAM.

So, our sweetie turned three in December, and I’m not sure when it’s officially fair to introduce and take a kid to the real cinema? I think it’s down to the kid and the movie, also. E still goes to hide behind the curtain whenever something is remooootely exciting. For those reasons, going to the movies in real life would still have to wait a bit. I loooove cinemas so much, though, it’s seriously the one thing I probably miss the most about mamahood (followed by pedicures, haha). Just love everything about it! The popcorn and the other treats, the anticipation, the big screen, the movies of course, making it a memorable outing all around, with dinner before and drinks after to talk about the movie, and of course with lots of handholding and whispering along (haha, yeah, I’m also THAT woman). Although I reaaaally crave going to the movies with le hubbie again, just once, here’s a fun fact: I have also been sort of anxiously waiting to be able to introduce E to the art of movie watching, featuring all of the aforementioned luxuries and pleasures! Seriously, she just has to turn into my future movie buddy! There really isn’t an alternative to this scenario ahaha. The signs are good, phewww.

This rooftop cinema setup probably took us 10 minutes. Add a couple of minutes to make our own popcorn. And it was an hour of pure bliss for Miss. She was watching “True and The Rainbow Kingdom” on Netflix, a fun, color-filled and sweet series (not a proper movie, duh, but we’ll get there, too) which we all adore! If you haven’t watched it yet, try it. True is a sweet, funloving, super clever and caring little girl. And the series is packed with so much color, cuteness and the sweetest of creatures. We recently also subscribed to Disney+, so I think a rerun is definitely in the cards, some time soon!

Did E like it? Ah, it’s fair to say she had the time of her life! She snacked, watched with an excited face, behaved like the Queen herself and was all around a happy camper. Only interrupted the show for some exclamations of joy, occasionally.

When it was time to go inside (it turned rather chilly once the sun set) she was hesitant, saying that she loved the setup so mucht, she wanted to sleep outside (awww) and wanted “to keep it all” exactly like it was. Pointing out this and this and this and this and this! She’s like me, only little. It’s too much fun to have a little person at home, really. And creating memories together – or for her, really, ahaha – is simply the best. Couldn’t love being a mama more if I tried.

To set up the comfy makeshift cinema scene, we used all of the things we own from IKEA, really, including:

  • this mattress as a makeshift sofa
  • this TV tray
  • this nightstand to put the laptop on (we shortened the legs a bit)
  • this basket for plants
  • these outdoor lights
  • these paper straws
  • these glasses
  • these candles
  • these pillows and covers
  • this outdoor wooden box (that our friends and pre-owners of our last flat painted white)
  • …and so much more! Bonus for every further IKEA product you spot, haha.

Tips for the perfect Rooftop (or Balcony) Cinema:

  • Sunset glory! Watching a movie in the dark is just more fun! Start when the sun goes down for some added drama. I started to set up everything at around 7pm, so by 7:30 it was really nice to sit and enjoy a movie.
  • Make it comfy! We brought out our mattress to sit on. Lots of random pillows. And allll the blankets we could find!
  • Snacks wanted! We are partial to popcorn, so we quickly made a batch. Just heat a tablespoonful of coconut oil, then add the corn, put back the lid and wait until all the popping sounds have stopped. Season with salt or sugar or anything else your heart is craving. Some candy is also nice.
  • Think of the drink! Prepare some drinks so you don’t have to get up all the time… I wouldn’t mind a grown-up drink right now, either, but this was E’s cinema, so… 😉
  • Put it on top! Put everything that’s needed on either a bench, a little table or a tray – bonus if you have one with “little legs” so it stands on your makeshift sofa. Super easy to grab a handful of the snacks without having to look up, hehe.
  • Light it up! Add some lights, just for the fun of it. Outdoor light strings don’t have to be hung, they are just as cute lying on top of plants. If you don’t have a pair, dig out your Christmas fairy lights! Well, and candles, obviously! In hurricane glasses and lanterns, anything will do.
  • Cover up! Wear comfy and warm clothes and layer up with lots of blankets. Nothing more unnerving than having to get up for a sweater at the most exciting moment of the movie… duh!
  • Screen time! A projector would be ideal for an XL cinema experience, no doubt. If you have one, then you’re lucky! Just place it on a table and project onto a linen or bedsheet that you hang on a wall. You can also add some lights around the linen to frame it and make it extra special.


I hope you liked my little roundup. Let’s make the most of this lockdown and just enjoy the moment. Have some fun at home!

Scarlett & gang

This post was created in cooperation with IKEA.

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