Tea’s the Season… & Apfelküchlein

Tea’s the Season… & Apfelküchlein

There are a million reasons why I love this season… Candles and twinkling lights everywhere, delicious scents filling the air, the head brimming with gift ideas to spoil the loved ones, goodies and treats as far as the eye can reach and an overall festive mode. Since being a mama the fun only got bigger. I love indulging in seasonal activities that are normally targeted at kids, that you wouldn’t do as a grown-up without a purpose. But riding swans on festively lit-up, nostalgic merry-go-rounds, skating with penguins on the ice rink, listening to the Samichlaus on the Märlitraum while cruising through the city or getting spoilt with gifts every single day… Really, who in their right mind would say no to such endless fun?

Of course, the main mission as a parent isn’t to enjoy all the fun The Season has to offer for the sake of yourself, but to make the little people in your life happy beyond measure. And to – hopefully successfully so – transport that indescribable, magical Christmas feeling. Just to make their eyes light up – it’s the main goal as a parent, no? I love being the sole Chief Creator of Childhood Magic in charge. It’s beautiful and rewarding, but also kind of stressful. The pressure is definitely on. But… as parents, luckily, we learned to function and even be content with not much. Not much sleep, definitely #teamnosleep. I learned to be happy with some cookies or chocolate, here and there. An early night and maybe 2-3 hours of uninterrupted sleep, if I’m lucky. Rosa has been awfully good, thank God. I don’t want to jinx it though, by putting it in writing..!

So here I am, mama of two, and I can’t help but feel festive. Because, against all odds, the piles of laundry, the home that needs cleaning, the toys strewn everywhere… Life is just so damn good to me. To be the mama of two healthy, beautiful girls, it’s more than I could have ever wished for. Thus for me, the festive season is also the season to be grateful. Grateful for everything that I’ve got. To remember and count our many blessings.

And in all the pre-holiday, end-of-year hustle and bustle,
a cup of tea is what grounds me and gives me a moment to reflect.

Yes, the odd, freshly brewed cup does get forgotten and cold in this house occasionally. Life with kids, duh. But a cuppa is always such a good opportunity to be still, breathe in deeply and soak up all the beauty, despite the chaos. And this godsend: whenever my mom is visiting, she’s taking care of Elma for a couple of hours so that I can cram in some alone-cuddles with Rosa. Also, she feeds me Apfelküchlein on a random afternoon. My mom, such an angel, best creator of magic. This really does feel like the holidays: a good cup of tea, apple fritters and a minute to myself.

It was also the perfect opportunity to brew the new tea I got. A seasonal, limited edition SPECIAL.T flavor, called Miss Apple Pie. It’s a unique creation combining the roasted notes of a Japanese green tea Hojicha, the sweetness of slightly caramelized apples, all enhanced with notes of nuts. The combination of the tea with the fritters, highly recommended!

Eclusive Chrirstmas Promotion: I’m super glad I occasionally get to offer my readers a gift of sorts. If you have been looking for the perfect chance to invest in a tea machine – a gift to your bestie, mom or for your office – then here it is: with code Forkandflower.special.t you now get a MINI.T machine in the color of your choice for CHF 49 instead of CHF 99. Go to the special.t website, choose your MINI.T (same as my MASTER.T which I have reviewed and praised several times, including here and here), buy an additional five packs of SPECIAL.T, add the code at the end and you will receive everything for an exclusive CHF 49 including a super convenient travel mug.

It wasn’t really a proper photography session, I just got the camera to take a few snapshots of this delicious dessert & tea scenery. Also, they were gone too soon… So delicious. But I figured someone might fancy the recipe…? Note: my mom whipped up a classical “pâte à frire” with beer. Worth giving a go!

Apple Fritters

2 large, firm apples, cored
150 g flour
2 dl beer
1 tbsp. oil
1/2 tbsp. salt
1 egg white, whipped
Oil for frying
Sugar and cinnamon to coat

Combine flour, beer, oil and salt and whisk until a smooth dough forms. Let rest for 30 minutes. Fold in the whipped egg white. Dip each apple slice in the dough (it should be rather firm and sticky). Heat about 1 cm of oil in a small saucepan. When a breadcrumb is inserted, it should fizz gently. One by one, fry the apple slices. Then immediately dust or coat with sugar and cinnamon. Serve hot – preferrably with Miss Apple Pie tea *sighsofhappiness*.

Thank you SPECIAL.T for sponsoring this post.

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