Family of Four

Family of Four

Remember how Baby E changed our lives for good, at the eleventh hour in 2016..? Well, our family has since expanded, and we’re counting our blessings. Our beautiful Rosa Marigold – or “Baby Rosa”, as E lovingly calls her – joined our family already four weeks ago. After our “fruit salad” (Elma means “apple” in Turkish, and Clémentine is her second name) we now also have a flower bouquet: Marigold being the October month birth flower. We are quite smitten with her fairytale like name and hope she will love it as much as we do.

It is true what they say: the heart just grows bigger once you welcome your second child. All worries I had before (you might have read about them here)… they were washed away the minute this sweet little bundle made an appearance. And really: being a mama of two healthy girls is the biggest joy of my life. Still pinching myself that I get another chance to “mother” (I mean the verb).

Today, R is already 4 weeks old. Time flies… We’re enjoying all the newborn bliss – the tininess, the delicious, chunky rolls, the wonderful baby smell, the cute little yawns, the surrendering cuddles… – while getting the hang of this whole “parents of two” gig. Yes, there is some adjustment to do for all of us. And mostly logistically. I’m looking at you, huge, double pram…! Haha. But E is doing a wonderful job of transitioning into the role of big sister. Showering R with cuddles and kisses from morning til night. Her very first question each morning being “How did Baby Rosa sleep?”. I knew she would be kind, but I never imagined her being so caring and loving. It’s really heart warming.

So has life been good to us? Oh, more than good. We’re just so blissfully grateful, happy beyond measure and overwhelmed. And to be honest, I don’t want to waste a minute typing here while I could just do some blissful baby staring, inhale this heavenly scent and nuzzle that little neck instead. So while we continue to settle into our lives as a family of four, please bear with me while I’m holding onto this newborn bubble for as long as I can. I’ll leave you with some pictures and impressions from R’s very first days on this beautiful earth to share the happiness with you, like I always do. Thank you for your continued support and heartfelt congratulations. They mean the world to us and only make the magic be even more present.


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