Life, currently

Life, currently

Oh deer, we’re already looking back on so many things this summer… four weeks spent in Provence. And it has been one crazy month. I’ll try and make a blog ready about it asap, promised. But first, I need to get you back on track on all the things happening in our lives, currently. The good, the bad and the ugly. Are you ready? Grab some popcorn!

The France month started off way to hot for our liking – and for June! – with those cruel Sahara winds blowing heavily. It was torching! Being pregnant in my last trimester made matters worse, of course. And that we are AC free probably didn’t help, yearh. So most of the time, we quite shied away from going outside during the hot noon hours. And if a water hole of any sort wasn’t included in the plans, you could simply count me out. I sufferd a lot from the heat (normally I don’t mind it, which was so annoying), and in combination with a scarily low blood pressure, I guess it was just a bit too much for my system… Fainting, blackouts, severe headaches for days on end. During the course of one week, I just had to listen to my body and lie down under the cool(ish) ventilators whenever I sufferd from these symptoms. It wasn’t my ideal once-a-year-family-holiday-scenario, but hey, at least we were together. And I guess you can’t chose when you’re not feeling so well, health just goes first, so I just had to give in and (try to) relax and unwind and get my energies back! I drank a lot of Coca Cola, iced water, salty bouillon and ate a lot of peaches (and also all the French unhealthy delicious kinds of snacks and meals, no guilt involved) and slowly started to feel better. But only feeeling really off the hook (or over the hill, as we say in German) and better since we got back to Switzerland 10 days ago. It’s also hot here, or it will be even more so this week, but the air is just suiting me so much better! Also back to enjoying this bumpy ride… It’s so sweet to feel baby girl kick inside and see the bond between E and baby grow, already. Knowing this will be my last time experiencing this miracle makes it such a special time in my life. But it was still beautiful and memorable in France, I’ll make sure to focus more on all the highlights in my next post.

Apart from the brief vacay summary we’re currently facing so many changes in our lives! Some small, some major! It’s been a real whirlwind, of ups and downs these past few days. I had to get a new computer because… long story short, apparently my old one was “vintage” (what?!) as the Apple guys dubbed it. So after weeks of trouble, lost data (especially the thousands of pictures were painful) I had to shell out the money for a new device last Thursday. Which hurt a bit (much). Then we got some really good news on Saturday morning, that I promise I will share with you in a couple of days, so bear with me.

And then on Sunday, I drove into a bloody hydrant! A hydrant! And completely runied our car. I was in such a shock! It doesn’t really come in very handy at the moment but I guess focus on the positive: no one got hurt, we’re all healthy. So we try to forget about it as best we can (althought I have a feeling it will be kind of a running gag in the years to come, pregnant woman driving into a hydrant, duh).

And yes, we also have some highlights ahead of us. Like, majorly so! Next week (I still can’t believe it, it’s so quick) we’re moving! After years of looking and maybe a couple of months of intensive search for a new flat in the city, we’ve now finally found our new dream home – and MOVED into it already, bam! (I promise a home tour will follow asap) It’s only 500 meters from where we currently live, so same Kreis in Zurich, which is a treat when you expect a second bub, it’s just good to know your way around. But it’s bigger, with a room for each of the girls (which we consider so lucky) and a very big private roof top with a breathtaking view of Zurich. Pinch us, because we almost can not believe our luck.

So… in a nutshell, these are definitely exciting times for our family! It’s never getting boring, as you see. This is our life currently. And we sure have enough reasons to smile and be grateful, every day.

All those ups and downs made me think a lot. About what really matters the most. Where our priorities are. We’re always on the go (especially I tend to want to cram in too much into our days, being slightly restless and having FOMO). We’re always seizing the day, trying to maximize fun as a family, make good memories with E, be the providers of a beautiful and magical childhood for her. That’s what we strive for as a family. Every day is a gift and we’re trying to soak it all up, live with as much gratefulness in our hearts as we can and enjoy the little things. Happiness is everywhere, we just have to see it and grasp it and hold onto it.

But yes, it also tends to get TOO MUCH. And that means we’re often too busy to really unwind and simply be present, and I admit, we’re often stressed. Which is so not the idea. Time is just running and soon baby girl number 2 will make an appearance! And a lot has to happen before that. We just can’t help but feel overwhelmed at times.

I’m just glad we have such a great village. Support and love from family and dear friends is immeasurable. So we get through the wonderful, the good, the tough and the stressful things. Together.

Not really finding a link here, but just taking the opportunity of updating you all to share a couple of outtakes taken during shoot for a partner of mine, Cashback Cards by Swisscard. A credit card that pays you for paying. Really clever and definitely a game changer! Kind of fun to think that whenever you’re on the go with the family and pay – for bread, a gelato on the go or activities – you get money back. Gamification to the next level, right? But really, I just love the pictures for what they stand for: a happy morning pre vacay, with a nice bump that can’t be hidden, spent browsing through my beloved city Züri, shopping (for the camera, haha), sipping iced tea and having my picture taken by my friend and super talented photographer Andrea. It was an honor to be the model, for once. They certainly treated me like royalty! And seeing me so happy and – yes, if I my say so myself – radiant, makes my heart jump.

Stay healthy and happy, loves, and don’t forget to enjoy this summer!
Always remember that #thedaysarelongbuttheyearsareshort


Sources: photos for Cash Back Cards by Andrea Monica Hug
Outfit details: shirt dress H&M | silk kimono by Tauta Home | sunnies by VIU eyewear

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