Chocolatey Bliss Balls

Chocolatey Bliss Balls

A healthy, vegan treat even your kids will love

I loooove bliss balls – or energy balls – aka the healthy, sugar free, nutty snack! But truth time: bliss balls are basically bastards, because, duh! They are hard af to make, IMHO. How can anyone pretend they’re easy to make at home, from scratch? I always had to fight with… sticky dates, sturdy nuts, incapable and weak kitchen appliances, smoke escaping from said appliances… and more! I must have killed a handful or so of blenders and food processors in my wake to try and smooth whole nuts AND dates into a paste! Ha!

Not anymore! All the not-so-blissful bliss balls making trouble is now in the past! Hooray, right?

While it was a near impossible mission to make the cheeky snack before, I learned the hard way (yes, I have many a failure to share…) that it’s all down to the right food processor. You need to have one you can trust. A powerful little champ that makes chopping, pulsing, pureeing and smoothing – even nuts and sticky stuff like dates – a breeze!

I found my mate: the Betty Bossi Küchenmaschine “Kompakt. A real multi talent. A one stop solution for all of your cookery needs. Even for reluctant kitchen appliances users like me – I’d often rather “just quickly use this knife” for chopping something or do any given cooking chore manually instead of digging out the righ tool from the bottoms of my tiny and at times not so well organized rental home kitchen… But with my BB all-in-one power house – I fondly call her BB – that sits pretty on my kitchen top, ready to use for any meal and several occasions in a row – even I like converting to electronics.

And once I unpacked my BB beauty with all their tools and set it up, I couldn’t wait to put her to the test! And to the test I did put her: I immediately set out to make aforementioned bliss balls. Will it blend..?

Yes, blend it did! BB went through almonds and sticky dates without a care in the world. No smoke, no stink, just a beautiful homogenous mix of nuts and dates in a jiffy. Voilà, these are simple bliss balls – just as they should be!

Chocolatey Bliss Balls

Yields: 18

40 g whole almonds (with skins)
12 dates, pitted (about 240 g)
2 tbsp. almond butter
2 tbsp. cocoa powder

Put all the ingredients in your food processor of trust and process for 2–3 minutes or until the mixture comes together. Roll into balls (with slightly wet hands it works better) and roll in some extra cocoa for good measure. Store in an air-tight container the fridge.

PS: Do come back here for a detailed review of the Betty Bossi Küchenmaschine! Coming soon.

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