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Kids’ Easter Basket

Kids’ Easter Basket

Planning, creating and curating gifts is basically my biggest hobbie. Building an Easter Basket for E is top priority on my agenda right once Christmas and NYE are around the bend… Surprising a toddler is so easy. It literally takes nothing but a bit of imagination, creativity, small toys and shiny things and the eyes are guaranteed to sparkle, hard! Of course, Easter is more than just the Basket. You can read all about our Easter traditions, decorations and take on the Easter Bunny and Chocolate Egg Hunts in this blog post. But not less important than all the decorations, seasonal highlights like eggs and candy and bunnies and chocolates is this basket, because it holds so many memories. My mom literally didn’t neglect one single occasion to spoil us through the year, every year of our lives. So E is in for the same treats. Here’s a drill-down of what went into this year’s basket.

Note: I started collecting things and stuff right as the new year started, and I admit there is a bit more than what fit into this little crate here… It’s a selection of the things that I’ll probably really end up “hiding” for her on Easter Sunday. All other things might be little “pick-me-ups” when they are needed during a tough day or week, whenever that may be. For spontaneous use. I find it so comforting to always have some mini gifts on hand!

What goes into E’s Easter Basket…

“Flamingo” knit sweatshirt by Maed for Mini via Stadtlandkind
Saltwater sandals via Stadtlandkind
Spades via Orell Füssli
Book “The Golden Egg” via Orell Füssli
Book “Fang mich doch” via Orell Füssli
Bunny pom pom hair ties by Meri Meri via Stadtlandkind
Peppa Pig PEZ candy holder via Aldi
Drink bottle by BLAFRE via Zero-7 in Zurich
Mini chick bell rattle teether* via Zero-7 in Zurich
Bunny drink cup & egg holder by Buddy & Bear
Bunny necklace by Pirates & Ponies via Stadtlandkind
Nail varnish and lip balm by OMY via Yolyo
Bunny slip ons via Zara Kids
Glitter bounce ball and neon bouncy ball found at a “dollar shop” in Zurich
Egg & bunny shaped outdoor chalk, handmade by a mama

* The chick teether is actually something I bought in mind as a gift from E to baby. I am planning on creating a basket full of tiny things for baby, all which E can help pick and select in the months to come and then “gift” to the baby once its earthside. This will have her so excited for its arrival, she loves to “share” and gives things away, freely, with great pleasure and lit up eyes. So a “gift to give” is basically the idea. Let’s see what will be added to the collection of baby lovables.

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