Home of the Easter Bunny

Home of the Easter Bunny

When I was a child, my mom used to love creating magic for us. Not a single childhood myth she didn’t cover with a perfectly curated web of “lies” (technically, but I stick to the euphemism “stories). She’d pull all the stops for ocasions like a lost tooth (she was an excellent tooth fairy) and magically made “Schoggiateler” appear (from her belly!) when they were in season, i.e. when the schoolkids were selling them for charity in our village, going from door to door. She used to prepare us for the Samichlaus and Easter Bunny pretty much year-round. And the Christkind was always present. I remember vividly how, even as we sadly grew out of officially believing in characters such as the Santa Claus, technically, we still very much embraced those stories and associated rituals that came with them. We chose to continue to believe, for the sake of all the celebrations and the fun. Like Easter Egg hunts in the woods and fields around the family holiday house in the South of France! It was pure craziness.


So, do you think I wanted to pass these childhood myths on to E? The answer, of course, is yes and yes! I might be a very unpopular mama by today’s standards, I’m aware. Did you know some supermamas and allround educational experts nowadays appear to call Easter Bunny and other related “childhood myths” actual lying to your kid, and that this might damage them forever. But I really think the Easter Bunny had a positive effect on me and my childhood – and even growing up. So yes, Elma gets the full monty, too! Oh the joys of motherhood.



So, you must know that the Easter Bunnies live in the woods, under big trees and heavy roots, hidden from sight and curious hikers. Not every bunny is an Easter Bunny, of course, but they’re a bunch, a real team. Because no chance one Bunny can handle it all, right, simply too much work to be done. One can go look for them in the forest, but, oh, you have to be really lucky. And patient, and so, so quiet! Being quiet on dry wooden ground is particularly challenging, I find. A skill I tried to perfect over the course of my childhood though, for the sake of Bunny Sightings. The Bunnies are really shy, so they try very hard not to be seen. And not to give their well-kept secret away.


The diligenz Bunnies prepare chocolate eggs amd bunnies of all sizes and color, candies, jelly fruit, surprise eggs filled eith sugary treats, and all other imaginable goodies in their secret, hidden forest Easter factory under the earth. It is busy year-round, in this little Bunny Factory. Every year in spring, a couple of weeks before Easter, the Bunnies have to deliver their chocolaty creations to the shops in town. Sprüngli in particular – or what we call “the home of Easter”. So the Bunnies (quite nervously) venture out of their hideaways in the woods and into the villages and cities. Loading as much chocolate as they can into their creaky little wooden wagons. They are always in a hurry, the Bunnies. Because they don’t want to be seen, but also, heyho, there is such a lot of work that needs to be done! People love chocolate – especially come Easter! – so the pressure is on for the Bunnies. So they rush through the woods with their little wagons in tow. Hopping over roots and pebbles is easy for the Bunnies, hop, hop, hop. But, oh, their little wagons..! And so it goes that they lose a lot of their chocolatey delights on the way. Of course leaving it to careful and diligent passers-by, hikers and Easter Bunny chasers to find – and enjoy! – them, on the spot. Finders – keepers! The delicious bounty is luring many a Easter Bunny chaser and chocolate-lover to seek out the woods in spring. But be warned: if you’re in the market for some Sprüngli chocolates, you have to get up very early indeed. We’re talking wee hours. Yes, dear, bfore dawn! Quick, quick! Rise and shine, and into the woods you hop in search for some happiness – I mean chocolate. You might just be lucky enough to sight a couple of hardworking, hopping little ears, as a bonus, too.

E can recount this story now in her own words, and occasionally adds to my telling it to her. Saying “Boings!” when I simulate the chocolate eggs falling off the Bunnies’ creaky wagons and onto stoney paths and moist spring meadows, leaving them well hidden between pebbles, roots and leaves. Only the chocolates’ colorful, shiny wrappers giving away the Bunnies’ previous presence. Nonna of course adds to E’s excitement about Easter by repeating to her that as soon as she spots chocolate eggs at Sprüngli, it means the Easter Bunnies are now officially on their way at night and in the wee hours of the morning for their delivieries, again! And that we basically should be camping in the woods, so as not to miss any of the potential treasures. I did warn you we were not just a little keen on Easter.



So do you think we went looking for the Bunnies and chocolate already? Needless to say, I love any excuse for some childhood magic – and a stint to the woods en plein air never hurts. Oh, and to see those little legs jump up and down searching for eggs left and right, hands grabbing the colorful treasures and greedily unwrapping them, on the spot. No bigger pleasure in a mama’s life, if you ask me. Chocolate is such a sensual pleasure. And it’s fun to teach your mini me all about it. I’d include some (white) lies, for the sake of  the magic moment and happiness, every time, in a heart beat.

So here’s our very own take on Easter. Decorations, easter baskets or nests at home and gifts are totally optional. Even our hand made Fimo Easter ornaments (though E is pretty proud of them, little Art Directrice wouldn’t have them any other way). But chasing Bunnies and hunting for eggs is mandatory on an almost daily basis. Our chocolate consumption during those weeks is certainly at an all-year high – and we love it. Guilty as charged.






Thank you Sprüngli for sponsoring the Easter Bunny this year!

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