Essentials On The Go

Essentials On The Go

When you’re often on the go with a sweet cheeky little toddler, you learn your lessons, real fast. And definitely one of the first lessons I learned in this gig called mama life: always be prepared for everything. From blown up diapers to sickness in the car or bunny bites at the petting zoo – and everything in between – there is a million of scenarios that require you to pull out all the stops. Insert: all the gear a mama carries around on the daily to rescue, clean, comfort, distract or mend. Stuff to clean up spit, vomit and poo (or other bodily fluids coming out of the various orifices), a spare set of clothes (bodysuit, pants, socks, you name it), an extra layer of clothes in the winter or sun hats, sunnies and sunscreen in the summer, a first aid kit including disinfection, creams and ointments and of course cute plasters. Not to forget: current favorite toys, a selection of favorite snacks du jour (both, of the healthy and non-healthy but “bribing” kind) and drinks. Hell, there was a time I even carried around a set of Nooshis (cuddly blankets) and towels, because they are super versatile and can act as a sun hat if wrapped expertly as well as serve as a makeshift blanket anywhere, anytime. Yes, from picnic to nappy changing situations on the floor of a dirty toilet.

There is a reason hubbie calls me “McGuyver Mama”. I have every. thing. in my bag! The question really is: what isn’t in my bag when I leave house with toddler? Frankly, my bag has a lot of similarity with Mary Poppins famous “Magic Bag”. Grubby (because of aforementioned incidents including bodily fluids and other nasty things we don’t have to mention here) rucksacks are my best friend and constant companion. Needless to say, I have never envied the smart business women with their minuscule chic handbags more, in my life.

The point or lesson to learn is, though: when you make an effort, plan a fun activity for the day with your toddler (or baby) and actually manage to leave the house (fed, clean, dry, dressed appropriately), this in itself is already medal-worthy at times. The last thing you want when you’re on the go exploring the zoo, playground or children’s bookstore is to experience a (pardon my french) fuck-up. Read: child being sick in the car, child getting wet, child having an accident – you chose from the “fuck-up bingo” – without being prepared, meticulously.



So, in case you want to be just as prepared as I am, here’s my ultimate, uncensored and honest breakdown of everything that’s in my bag (read: grubby backpack) on a daily basis when out and about with litle Miss E Sunshine.




– Backpack (not pictured): Fjallraven Kanken

– Diaper bag: Elma & Polina

– Wipes: MAM Hygienetücher (for disinfection)

– Diapers: Lillydoo

– Mini pouch with cherries: Meri Meri Party

First aid kit: including disinfectant, plasters, rescue drops & onguent

– Spare set of clothes: selection du jour (pictured: a bodysuit from Bonds)

– Sun glasses: H&M

– Bunny bottle: Liewood via

– Bunny snack box: We might be tiny via

– Panda snack box: via



Real life, guys. Who’s also carrying nearly the whole household with them upon leaving the house with kids..? And I mean, it’s only really stuff for the little monster, not a single thing for the mama, have you realised? Oh well, sorry! There is that lipbalm that sort of, technically belongs to me ahaha.

Not a single of those essential things I lug with me at all times is redundant, really. But the single thing that has really saved my life and helped keep me sane in crazy, hectic “mama situations” is the MAM Hygienetücher. They’re just as convenient as baby wipes, with the difference that they’re also disinfecting. They wipes have been developed to prevent infectious disease and are powerful against any random germs – bacteria, viruses and even funghi – while at the same time being free of alcohol, perfumes and colorants. Which makes them the ideal quick on the go or at home cleaning device for fever thermometer, baby gear like pacis or teethers or toys. While it is not recommended to use them on your child’s face or body, ahem, it may or may not have happened a couple of times in a hectic fuck up mama situation. She has survived. Cleaning a surface or toy your child is likely putting in your mouth or licking (don’t ask) with a simple wipe is such a stress relieve! MAM just get it, right? Because keeping your child from putting her dirty shoes on the table in the restaurant might not really be preventable (let’s be completely honest with each other, supermoms). But cleaning every litle square centimeter before she gets a chance to eat from said table certainly is.

And you know how they say that mamas with an obsessive need to clean or wipe things are kind of over protective super mamas? Well. I say don’t feel guilty for wanting your child to have a safe and clean environment for her to explore, have fun and eat, freely. Just do yourself a favor and be the helicopter mama for a minute. Do it out of pure instinct of self preservation! Go ahead, wipe down all the surfaces – tables, chairs, shopping trolleys – before allowing your child to go nuts. And just bloody ignore onlookers. Wiping down the shit out of everything will ease your mind and make you believe you’re actually in control (which, let’s be honest, we never are). Because you can deal with nappy explosion, but the last thing you and your busy mama schedule needs is your toddler catching the latest disgusting disease that goes around (and man, do those viruses go around in kidfriendly places…) and the inevitably related next round of sickdays (or -weeks, and yes, plural), amiright.




PS: This here is cute cheeky little E at the glorious “Safari Ride” at our neighborhood mall “Letzipark” in Zürich. We went to ride the lions and Zebras countless times. The cool thing about it is that the kids actually have to work themselves for their entertainment (if you don’t push them around, ahem, fail…). By moving up and down they can actually ride and move the animals themselves, which is, of course, great fun, to cruise in a mall, on a Zebra, while being served ice cream! Needless to say, the little monsters get all sweaty from excitement and exhaustion! E’s lion’s handles were dripping after a couple of rounds through the mall. So, there, mama. Another surface to wipe, another ocasion to pull out your MAMs. Genious, right?


E’s Outfit Details: animal print leggings via Stadtlandkind | knit pullover via yolyo | silver sneakers via Zara | grey wool jacket via yolyo






Thank you MAM for sponsoring this post. All opinions, words and ideas are my own.

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