Managing Memories

Managing Memories

As a mama, you are suddenly thrown into the beauty of mundane, everyday moments – that mean the world to you. Every single thing you experience together with your baby – and later toddler and kid – is turning into this memorable incident that you never want to forget. You’re making mental notes, hourly, about things your little one did, funny stuff they said (oh, the magic of first words…) or how they developed. E is super talkative at the moment, with her 2.2 years. Every day she learns new words and forms new sentences. Oh, and the funny phrases she creates sometimes! They have me in stitches. She shows big interest in letters – already knows her “Elma E” and “Mommy M”. Wants to join us in everything she does. Point being: I want to memorize – and keep, and hold on to! – every. little. thing!

For me, there are two kinds of memororabilia. The actual memories and the keepsakes. Little treasures you don’t want to get rid of it. So, yes, I try to write as much as possible down in a special blush pink notebook with E’s name in gold letters on the front. We have it since birth and I try to write into it a couple of times a month. Sometimes I forget. But now that she says so many funny things, I really have to make an effort. It will be so fun to review all the Elmaisms in a couple of years, for sure!

And then of course there are the actual keepsakes… I admit it a bit relunctantly: it acutally causes me emotional stress to think that I might “lose” a single one of those precious, precious baby and toddler (will it stop with age…?) treasures. Sorting out and letting go of sentimental items – like the take home outfit, the first little booties, the pacifier she never used but still loved as a toy, the favorite cuddly animal – is a near impossible task for me. Needless to say, we’ve accumulated a lot of things over the course of E’s first two years, and it’s a bit dangerous. The cellar is kind of overflowing with clothes, gear and paraphernalia that are stashed away (neatly, but still) for potential future use. I’m by no means a messie or a hoarder (although… maybe a collector, nicely put, ok?) – I love to get rid of things, for myself! It’s just different with E… Everything is so. important and meaningful. How shall I tell apart the important from the not so important little things in her life? And what I’m especially curious about: what do you do with clothes..? I have lent some of my favorites to other mamas as hand-me-downs. I have thrown away the very worn in and not so nice basics – like tees or bodysuits that need replacement. But I still have so much stuff! I kind of want to keep it for a future baby #2 (you never know…) or pass it on to someone who really needs it or sell some of the items that E hasn’t worn much or that were of particularly good quality and / or were pricey. It just feels like managing this inventory is a full-time job? Especially wanting to sell a few items. Ugh, somehow I just can’t be bothered. There is also something nice in gifting and handing down to new mamas. So I’ll probably end up just getting rid by gifting and donating.


So hard though, in Marie Kondo’s words: everything sparks joy for me when it comes to E’s stuff, ahaha, it doesn’t make it easier!


Duh, I always have a hard time letting go of sentimental items, liked cuddle nooshis, favorite teethers or toys, tiny shoes etc… Every little thing about our relationship, mamahood and this beautiful, strong-willed, fun little person is so special to me. I just don’t want to forget a thing. So I’d love to know: How do you manage “memories”? What keepsakes to you put aside for your little ones to keep? Do you have any tipps for a mama that has good intentions – but not really so much dilligence?


Blush pink book with name via Bookbinders
Cream photo box with name via Bookbinders
Wooden keepsakes Baby box via Write to me

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