Spring List

Spring List

Now that we finally have sunshine, it feels like spring is just around the corner. And while I haven’t missed anything during the colder season, the first warming rays of sunshine have been like a promise. And like every year, suddenly I’m in the mood for spring. It is so nice how a bit of warmer (not even necessarily good weather, we don’t mind a bit of rain and go outside in any condition) weather makes life so much easier. When you can shrug off a layer of clothes, it’s so freeing and empowering. With shedding our bulky warm coats like a spare skin comes the need for more movement. For going exploring outside, discovering nature. We’re definitely more adventurous in the warmer temperatures. Because as much as we love hiding inside, reading countless books and then rereading them and basically being in hibernation mode, all season long, nothing makes us feel more alive than a day spent outside in nature.

On Saturday, we met some friends for coffee and playtime in the sun in one of our favorite parks in Zurich. While the kids played, kicked a ball around and made bubbles, we grown-ups chatted and watched them. Can’t think of a better way to spend my days. And now I look forward to even more of the same! Bring it on, Zurich spring! We are ready for you. And here’s a lis tof the things we want to do this spring. I know E is ready for some “Badi” fun already, but that will have to wait a bit longer. It won’t be boring though.


  1. Make giant bubbles with our new bubble wand that we got from a street artist.

  2. Eat ice cream for lunch with the fam as soon as our favorite gelateria reopens.

  3. Buy blooming branches.

  4. Make an Easter tree with hand-made decoration (E is already busy).

  5. A visit to the Knie’s Kinderzoo to see nature & wildlife come to life.

  6. Feeding the bunnies, weekly.

  7. Let E pick and create her own spring flower bouquet.

  8. Make a picnic in the park.

  9. Plant an (edible) balcony garden and start by planning it together.

  10. Painting a giant canvas for the dining room.

  11. Redo E’s room a bit (maybe adding a wallpaper and switching the bed up).

  12. Install (green) juices and smoothies in the mornings for us girls.

  13. Paint our nails in matching rainbows.

  14. Color boiled eggs with natural colors.

  15. Arrange playdates outside with E’s little friends.

  16. Continue to feed E’s appetite for learning letters.

  17. Go for a haircut (E’s first).

  18. Make an early Easter egg hunt with Nonna.

  19. Learn to ride the scooter properly.

  20. Start with the bike (Laufrad).

  21. Get a cool pair of sneakers to wear until summer.


What have you planned for spring time? I’d love to know.


Flower bouquet in purple from Bloem
Vichy checked vase in blush pink from En soie
Head vase from Sostrene Grene


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