Visiting our Furry Friends

Visiting our Furry Friends

With a toddler, you are always on the run, busy planning new activities, visiting the latest childfriendly sights and doing stuff you haven’t done yourself in decades. One of the biggest pleasures for us as a family is visiting animals. Be it the local petting zoo in our closeby community garden, GZ Bachwiesen, where we are almost daily to get some fresh air and visit the donkeys, ponies and goats. Or the actual Zoo (penguins are E’s current favorites to visit). We also kind of made it our thing to visit the Zoo wherever we are. So last year, we went to the Amsterdam ARTIS Zoo. It was one of the best experiences ever, I have never seen a prettier zoo. Definitely Bucket List worthy!

So, okay, E and I both got bitten by bunnies last week, but that’s a different story. That doesn’t stop us from loving our furry friend adventures, haha.

But, I mean wintertime + zoo + toddler isn’t always the best idea, right? You know what I mean, mamas. You walk long distances (with a toddler wanting to sit on your hip…) just to not see a single beast. I get it, I’d hide as well in those Swiss weather condititions. Hibernation was a genius invention for sure. But for your toddler, you want to make sure your trip doesn’t result in a desaster (i.e. tantrums for not having spotted an animal all afternoon, included, I get it). Insert: Tierpark Goldau! Aka the place where the animals don’t hibernate, ha! They have mufflons, deers and even wolves, among other beasts. Some of them are even roaming around, freely, without a cage (not the wolves, I hope). There is even food you can get to feed them, and especially the mufflons are really into visitors (or their goodies).

In a nutshell. You should totally put Tierpark Goldau on your list if you live in Switzerland or are ever visiting. And while winter is spectacular also because of a lack of so many other, exciting alternatives to do and see, I’m guessing spring and summer make a trip even more worth while. If you pay a visit to the Tierpark now you can also participate in their competition! To participate, simply share a picture of your animal snapshots using the hashtag: #wachimwinter and tagging @tierparkgoldau (more info here).

We took some pictures the last time we went. Here you go. We can never get enough of animal adventures. Something particularly sweet about being able to feed some furry friends.

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