Winter Wonderland Arosa

Winter Wonderland Arosa

When you get the chance to visit one of the leading hotels in Switzerland, nestled in the most majestic of mountains surrounded by snowy peaks, with your toddler and mama in tow – you even postpone your Christmas preparations a bit to make it happen. I was a little sceptical at first if it was a good idea… I haven’t been to hotels much since E, let alone with her. Toddlers and hotels… don’t really go all too well together, who’s with me? E can be the sweetest for 95% of the day and then go completely nuts on the other 5%, and then maybe in those 5% you don’t want to sit in a posh dining room surrounded by diamond draped shiny people who had their shit together. But the invitation was just too tempting to pass down. So we did it; 3 generations of Gaus women, and spent 3 magical, beautiful, quiet days at the Arosa Kulm Hotel in the week leading up to Christmas. Days that will never be forgotten. Filled with togetherness, great food, adventures, belly laughter and lots of fun in the snow.

Just a magical train ride through the snow away from cold and foggy Zurich, sunny and glittery Arosa awaits! The Arosa Kulm Hotel is a located at a stunning spot with the ski slopes in front of the door. It feels very “pole position”. And while that would have been the major criterion for me, back in the days when I went skiing a lot with C, with kids other aspects weigh much more. The Kulm did point out how family friendly they were – so we knew we were going to be welcomed warmly even with E in tow. We just didn’t expect quite how warmly! Turns out: The Kulm lives family! E was treated like a proper guest of her own, more like the queen, really, and the staff did everything possible to make our stay as special and convenient as possible for all of us. Starting with special kids menu requests (eating out with a fussy toddler can be a little stressful…), complimentary cookies on eye level throughout the hotel (a big bonus in E’s eyes), wooden sledges at the ready to be taken on snow adventures in front of the house, the Kids Club with a massive collection of toys and books (we picked up some to read back in our room before bedtime) and the coolest, giant ball pit. Every little detail was childfriendly. We had a massive family room, with enough space for everyone to put away their stuff – hell, enough space to throw an impromptu dance party with 20 people! There was a small extra bed for E, toddler sized – although we still sleep in one bed together so we used hers just for play ahaha. A Cute teddy was waiting for E, her own fluffy bath robe and the cutest pair of tiny spa slippers (so adorable in that mini size!), her own toothbrush with ducks and even bath towels (also with ducks, big hit) on them. It was fun to see E spot “her” things immediately, not one thing went unnoticed. Breathing out heavily with relief upon arrival already. So nice not having to thinkg of everything yourself, for a change.

We spent three nights and two and a half days at the Kulm and maximized our stay, determined to cram in as many adventures as we could. We went for a horse sleigh ride through Arosa in the snow, went sledging twice, even meeting a bear living in a “remote” and lonely chalet (behind the hotel, ahaha), decorated Christmas cookies (pre baked by the resident chefs just for E! swoon) and spent hours at the kids club. And napped and then napped some more in our suite, because the mountain air was just making us so tired, and how could you not enjoy the crisp hotel sheets…!?

There still would have been so much more to discover though. We didn’t make it to the squirrel path for example, which I’m profoundly sad about. I also neglected the me-time a bit, and because of all the snow fun didn’t even have time for a visit to the infamous Kulm Spa..! Gasp. It really is a shame. There even would have been a special spa programme for the littlest ones. In other words: planning on going back with E real soon, to make good use of all the spa facilities and of course wear our matching robe and slippers…!


Thank you Arosa Kulm for being a home away from home and treating us like roaylties. We will be back!


Thank you Arosa Kulm Hotel for sponsoring this post.

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