Interview on Sweet Home

Interview on Sweet Home

A couple of years ago at the same time of the year, the dear Marianne Kohler of Sweet Home Blog paid me a visit in my overly christmassy home (I was still living alone by the time ahaha). You can find the home heportage about it here. This year, we finally reunited – but with more chocolate and a focus on catching up. We were talking all things beautiful, useful, life and style. You can read an excerpt here on F&F, or the entire interview over on Marianne’s blog Styles & Stories.



Do you have time for breakfast?

Not really. When I’m working, I’ll take Elma to the crèche first and then grab a glass of fruit juice and a croissant. Or I’ll arrange my first meeting of the day in a café, such as John Baker on Helvetiaplatz. But when I do spend the morning at home, I love to have yoghurt with homemade granola for breakfast. When I have time, I make granola. I season it with lebkuchen spice, which makes the whole flat smell wonderfully Christmassy. I store this homemade breakfast cereal in jars and enjoy it most with yoghurt. But it’s also delicious with apple purée, milk or vegan almond milk.



What’s your beauty routine?

Above all, it has to be quick and easy. Before I had Elma, I would experiment with concealer, rouge and more besides. But now I need much less to feel comfortable and beautiful. I cleanse my skin thoroughly and use Avène moisturising creams. Most of the time, I only wear mascara and lipstick at meetings. I use more and more natural cosmetics and grooming products, which I find at  Amazingy, the online shop for green cosmetics.



What clothes do you choose for your daughter?

As I’m constantly surfing the net, I’m constantly discovering inspiring new labels. For example, I love the “Wondersuits” by Bonds Australia. The pyjamas are really comfortable, like a second skin. They’re well cut and decorated with fun, cheerful patterns. And they turn Elma into a little super-heroine.

Where else do you shop?

I’m an online shopper. Of course, that’s to do with my job, but also with my lack of time and my enjoyment of certain labels, such as Stadtlandkind. On their site I not only find clothes and toys for Elma, but also party goods or decorative items for the home. Another shop that I like is called Smallabel.



How do you combine family life with work?

As I work a lot from home, I can bring my daughter to the crèche late and fetch her early, which gives me a lot of time with her. But on my working days, I work through from 8.30 till 6. My husband Cyrill, who works in marketing, is an early riser and always one of the first in the office. That also means that he also comes home early in the evenings. We share the household duties. I have to admit that he’s more efficient, conscientious and tidy than I am. I know that not every woman is that lucky, but in our case, it certainly holds true that my husband isn’t just “a support”: he really does share half of everything.



What’s your favourite for lunch?

I have a favourite little café just around the corner from where I live. It’s called Chez Oskar and serves fantastic salads, soups and delicious, freshly squeezed juice creations. Sometimes I take a break in the café, but usually take something back to the flat and have lunch at the computer.

What do you cook in the evenings?

Dinner preparation has to be fast. Whereas I used to love spending hours in the kitchen, I now prefer quick, uncomplicated meals. Healthy living is also very important to us, and we cook a great deal of vegetables. But I have to admit that Elma prefers noodles and sausage.

What do you most enjoy doing with your family?

We spend a lot of time outdoors – and in all weathers. In Zurich there are many very beautiful parks that are attractive in all seasons. We’re also great friends of Zurich’s district community centres. We meet our neighbours and make friends, and Elma has lots of pals there. There are so many fun activities available, such as weekly painting sessions for children, flea markets, and sometimes even proper festivals with bubble-blowing, bouncy castles or music.


How do you get in the Christmas mood?

We love candle-making at our Bachwiesen community centre. We also really enjoy the Christmas village at Bellevue, where Elma’s greatest pleasures are the balloons, the children’s fairy village, and ice-skating – for the time being only as a spectator. There’s also the musical Advent calendar in the foyer of the Opera House, where a free mini-concert is performed daily. We also like going to Café Schober (note by me: will close by the end of year, apparently!) to drink hot chocolate. Another favourite spot is the children’s department at Orell Füssli, the bookshop. The treehouse with its own life-size bear is always a highlight, especially in bad weather. And you can never have enough books.


What’s your guilty pleasure?

Fresh flowers. I like ordering bouquets online from Bloem, which is now also available in Switzerland. Claire has a knack for crazy creations.

What’s your dream piece of furniture?

A pale pink sofa. But I’m still negotiating with my husband!

Thank you Marianne and Sweet Home for your lovely visit!
Make sure you stop by very soon, and with Missy, too!


All pics by me.
xcept the portraits, which my dear Andrea Monica Hug of Chic in Zurich took of me.

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