Waffles For The Table

Waffles For The Table

You know those types of people, who always order good stuff – pancakes, waffles or dessert – for the table? They’re my people. Simple logic: you want those waffles – and so does everybody else. They might just not be ready to admit it, or ready to indulge in so many calories, all by themselves. So in order to indulge, guiltfreely, just order the damn waffles for the table, will you? Because I believe that sharing is caring. And what better way than to share desserts or a delicious snack? While I like to enjoy my sweets and candy entirely on my own (thank you, munchmunch) I must admit that eating for examples waffles solo just doesn’t work. Waffles have to be shared. Certain things only make sense in good company. When everyone joins in on the fun, good food simpy tastes that much better.

Adding a waffle iron to the household is quite the milestone for me. Mark the date, dears, mark the date. Because I have been wishing for one for almost a decade. Not even kidding. How can  you even be a food blogger without a waffle iron. I’ve been telling hubbie this time and time again – he kept ignoring me. Thank you Betty Bossi, I almost didn’t believe it will ever be a reality! Now am proper Food Blogger With Waffle Iron. Yay!

We’re all a bit in a pre Christmas hustle, although of course officially we are all domestic goddesses… – therefore I keep this short and sweet with a quick review only for you. After all, you might want to head to the shops after reading this, to buy a waffle iron for your SO. So: the Betty Bossi Waffle Maker comes with a trio of different uses. The package is called “Snack Maker”. It’s a three-in-one appliance, so you are actually saving space (simple logic, hubbie). The hot plates can be exchanged. Apart from the waffle iron, there is also a Triangle-Panini maker and one for round Mini Cakes. Plus, who can say no to heart-shaped waffles…? Not even I can, and we all know I’ve got extreme willpower! Ha. And think of all the things you can dream up with this fantastic triple talent helper… All sorts of sweet and savory snacks! I haven’t tried the Triangles or Mini Cakes yet, but I am planning on eating nothing else between the 24th and the 30th this December. It’s called balance – first, a couple of extended family meals (over-eating included…) then simple, home-made, delicious hot sandwiches. Christmas dreaming.



Waffles with Hot Sour Cherries

For the waffles:
175 g flour
75 g sugar
75 g confectioners’ sugar
3 tsp. baking powder
1 pinch salt
3 eggs
200 g butter, melted
1 dl mineral water
1/2 organic lemon, zest grated
1 glass of sour cherries


Combine flour and all dry ingredinets in a bowl. Add teh eggs and other ingredients and stir to combine. Pour onto the heated up (takes two minutes) heart shaped waffle plates, by the spoonful (about 1 tbsp. per heart). Close the lid of the Betty Bossi Snack Baker. Bake for about 4 minutes. Lift out with a spatula. Dust with confectioners’ sugar and serve – still warm – with heated up sour cherries. A large sharing plate for the table, of course!





PS: Did you know that “Pancakes For The Table” is an actual thing, I mean a trend, for real? Even Marie Claire describes it as “PFTT”. Let’s be those people who order waffles, or pancakes, or dessert… for the whole table. Love to everyone.



Thank you Betty Bossi for sponsoring this post.

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