Happy Roast Beef (Sous Vide)

Happy Roast Beef (Sous Vide)

For my long-time readers: you know how I’m not big on meat, yes? Some even say “she only does desserts and vegs”, ahaha. And I admit, it’s not entirely wrong..! I like to make a bird for Thanksgiving though (which I tooootally missed this year, ugh! Setting a mental reminder for next November, not to forget the turkey shenanigans) or other festive occasions. Of course, Christmas. Even as a mama, that time of the year is sort of inevitable to have guests over… Fancy slipping into the hostess rol, every now and then. But festive and guests kind of means there is a different set of demands involved… Our odd weeknight vegetarian spag-bol simply won’t do! Sighs.

So I’m always more than welcome to test and use a new gadget. And a sou vide maker has been on my wishlist for much too long. It’s basically “festive, intricate dishes” in the switch of a button. Even beginner meat chefs like me (and I’m much more than that; when it comes to cooking meat, I’m totally lacking in routine) can do this! Sous vide is basically mama’s best holiday hostess role friend. You can’t do meat wrong when you’re sous-videing it, lol. Trust me mamas, your hubbie might say you should not get yourself another kitchen device (ever again), but your pre holiday stress levels disagree…!

Side note: I don’t know when I’ve gone from food blogger to mama blogger to kitchen appliances review bitch ahaha. Hubbie doesn’t like it (the many gadgets, appliances and gear that come with the job, that is) – but I sure do. I kinda see a Fork & Flower Youtube channel reviewing the latest in domestic goddess tech and gear,in the future, yeah?

So, take note, mamas. Get yourself a Betty Bossi Sous Vide Garer for the fussfree holiday of your dreams! The machine is very sleek and chic, which I think is a bonus and not a given. Also, very intuitive to use. Which in busy times (and mamas are always busy) is really lucky, because you don’t even have to read the effing manual. Simply unpack, wipe clean and sous vite (pun intended, haha). Totally put this on your wishlist already, darlings. You might not need (another) waffle maker (just yet) (although… wait till you read my next post ahaha), but you totally need this clever sous vide machine in your life. You can thank me later.

Now, for the actual review. Let me give you a lesson in sous vide (quick and dirty) right there, first, because, we also want to know a bit more, right? Sous vide is a super way to bring all the flavor to the table. As the ingredients are all snugly taking a bath together in their vacuumed little pouches together with the spices of your choice, all the sassy flavors go into the meat (or fish, or veg). It also means it’s a very gentle way to cook, as no vitamins and other healthy stuff leave the snug little vacuum pouches. Winner!

I have felt so comfortable “cooking” this roastbeef. Normally, I’m super nervous when I have to prepare meat and stuff because I’m just no use. But I kind of thought “I can do this” from the beginning. And the fact that I think roastbeef is actually something very tasty helped. Hubbie didn’t mind either, it was his lunch and dinner and mid-day roastbeef sandwiches XL, sorted.

Also, if you feel like you need a perfect idea for a festive lunch or dinner, think no more. Make a sous vide roastbeef (yes, it’s a thing! Google it). And home made oven fries. Why fries? They are quick and sooo delicious, and everybody loves chips, no? Whoops, bummer! I forgot to picture the herbed butter I made bought especially for the occasion! To go with the roastbeef and the chips. So, you have to use your imagination, mamas. You can do it. It was super tasty with the butter, kind of goes without saying.


PS: Why is my roastbeef happy, you ask? Because it’s from a happy cow, who lived on the green fields and was only fed good food. I think this makes a difference you can taste.


Happy Sous Vide Roastbeef (w/ Home Made Oven Fries & Green Beans)

Sous Vide Garer from Betty Bossi (a basic vacuum tool is included, although I probably would upgrade to a professional one)

800 g happy entrecôte
Rosemary, a couple of sprigs
Thyme, a couple of sprigs
1 clove garlic
Coarse salt (Maldon is ideal) and pepper corns, processed in a mortar

500 g firm cooking potatoes, with peel
4 tbsp. olive oil
salt, pepper and some mild curry to taste

500 g green beans
2 tbsp. butter
1 shallot, finely chopped
1 handful almonds, finely chopped
salt to taste

Begin by removing the entrecôte from the fridge, one hour ahead of usage. Don’t ask me why this makes sense, I just read that everywhere when processing meat. Put it in the convenient zip loc bags, together with thyme, rosemary and garlic. Vacuum the sh** out of the little pouch, until everything is snug as a bug in a rug. Fille the Sous Vide Garer with water and preheat it to 57º and set the timer to 3h. Once the water has reached the cooking temperature, you can carefully place the pouch with the meat into the cooker. It will sit there and take a lovely bath, for all of the three hours.

In the meantime prepare the fries. You can prepare them ahead of time, I learned, and just reheat them once your guests arrived. It will only make them more crispy and good. Cut into fries shape (peel on) and put the fries in a bowl of water for about 1/2 hour. The starch will remove from the potatoes and make the chips more crispy in the process. Preheat the oven to 220º C / 420º F. Put the 4 tablespoons of olive oil on the baking sheet (no parchment today, darlings, you will have to clean this mess afterwards, but it will be worth it. Distribute the potato sticks evenly on the sheet and put in the oven. Turn over and toss to coat. Bake for 30 minutes. Remove in the middle to turn around the fries some. When the fries are done, season with salt (liberally), pepper (if you like) and a bit of curry.

To make the beans, blanch them for 8 minutes in hot (not boiling) water, drain and cool in ice cold water. Shortly before serving (aka when the roastbeef is roasting in the pan) heat the butter in a pan, sweat the onions and add the chopped almonds. Sweat for about 2-3 minutes. Add the beans and heat through. Toss nicely and season with salt. Ready to go.

When the sous vide magic is finished: Remove bag with now perfectly cooked meat with tongs, carefully, open the pouch. üpace the roastbeef in a preheated pan with olive oil and roast on every side for 3-4 minutes. A nice, dark brown is the goal. You can also add the herbs and garlic to the pan. Now, season it with your home made salt and pepper mix. Remove from pan, place on a wooden cutting board. Cut with very sharp knife into 1cm thick slices (not too thick, not too thin). Beautiful.

Arrange fries, beans and roastbeef on the plate and serve immeadiately. Don’t forget the herbed or café de Paris butter!




Thank you Betty Bossi for sponsoring this post. Words & opinion my own.



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