E’s Tree

E’s Tree

Christmas is a good occasion to go overboard with kitsch… Nothing better to get me into this “grownup” sensation of Christmas than some twinkling lights, glitter, candles, santas, lovely smells and quirky ornaments. I have been collecting vintage ornaments forever (as evidenced here several times, year after year) and have dreamed of creating a tree for my child one day, ever since. This year though, with E being such a little whirlwind, we thought it better to give her ornaments that don’t break. She still got her own tree though, sitting pretty next to her bed. It’s a bit unusual, white and plastic, plus pink and red and girly. Princess meets Christmas, ahaha. But she is all starry-eyed and so proud. And so responsible around it. Hasn’t tried to tear it down, once! I think it’s all about giving them responsibility like that. She totally got my explanations. Whenever she gets too excited she calls me and I take a special ornament down for her to hold and carry around for a bit, before we hang it back up on the tree ahaha. Trying to add to her special kitschy ornaments collection every year so one day when she moves out she can take a whole collection with her. Love this thought.

General sources:

How cute are those rope candy canes? Hop over to my Instagram for a givewaway happening, right now!
And that customized gold ornament with E’s name on it? A littel piece of art by Nina Thomas Studio.
The divine princessy bedding with the ruches is from Murmeltier. Trying to write another review just about this.

Sources for the other ornaments:
Migros (mice, snowflakes, unicorn, furry deers, flamingo, pink bird)
Meri Meri (felt reindeer, shrooms and tree)
– Globus, from a while back (strawberry, teddy, jellyfish
– Some vintage heirloom pieces I got from my mama when I was a kid
– Some new red wooden elves Nonna got us from Germany
– Lights are old (LED)

And I’m so in love with this dolls’ bed we got from mylittleroom.ch. It’s the perfect addition. E’s dolls now finally have a place to sleep in. She has been carrying them around the house with her for too long.

Also featuring our current favorite knit sweater for E, with an intricate floral pattern. It’s very non scratchy and she loves wearing it (always glad when that happens). We received it from stadtlandkind.ch as a gift.

NB, the crazy pom pom wreath is hand made by moi. It has over 100 pom poms on it. I recently said that I never want to make another pom pom in my life, but then I found another project which I’m currently tackling… I will have to share it with you, if it ever gets finished before Christmas ahaha.

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