Advent, Advent…

Advent, Advent…

I remember vividly, how much effort my mama used to put into curating a beautiful advent calendar for me, every Christmas, for almost 20 years. Every year was a different set-up. Once there was a white painted tree (a proper tree, sans leaves) hanging atop my bed, strewn with twinkling lights and 24 little boxes with treasures inside. Once there were 24 little felt baskets in all shades of pink and red. Every day, I would go to be excited for the next morning. And every morning I would wake up to a new little surprise. Something useful, something I was wishing for for weeks on end, somethings I hadn’t expected, something you can’t even dream up. All lovingly chosen by my mom. Who knew me better than anyone.

The best thing about being a mom for me is to be able to be the enabler of childhood magic memories, the same way my mom did with me. Oh the fun of curating 24 days’ worth of treasures for a tiny human being, who embraces every little thing that we offer! To see that tiny scrunchy face light up. To spend some time every day, dedicated to opening the day’s gift, to playing, investing and explaining the treasure we unwrap. There is nothing better I can think of. I was anticipating this Christmas season, just so I could make an advent calendar for my favorite little human.

Of course, she doesn’t get the concept of christmas yet. But she’ll get the mood, the sensations, and they will stay with her forever. She’ll get that it’s a season dedicated to twinkling lights, spending and taking extra quality time together. A season of love, dedication, beautiful surprises and a little bit of magic, too. And I get to be the provider of this magic! What awesome job is it to be a mama…?

Here are my ideas for 24 little advent calendar – or stocking stuffer! come to think of it! – fillers. Most of them are targeted at toddlers, but some of them also work (adapted) for older kids. And remember: it’s not about the price. You can also add a clementine, some chocolate or a new crayon – and it will be a fantastic surprise every day.


Scroll down for a detailed list with my 24 ideas!

24 Ideen für den Adventskalender // 24 stocking stuffer ideas

//  24 Ideen für den Adventskalender für Kinder  //

//  24 stocking stuffer fillers for kids  //


1. Tonies für the Toniebox
2. Stickers reindeer by Meri Meri Party via
3. Maileg Micro Mouse via
4. Maileg Micro Mouse & crib via
5. Penguin socks by Bang Bang Copenhagen via
6. Bunny hair pin by Kollale via
7. Scented detangle hair brush via
8. Sonny Angels naked dolls via (currently unavailable)
9. Wooden camera (+ in dolls’ size, too) by Little Rose & Co.
10. Cookie Cutters by Meri Meri Party via
11. Nail varnish for kids by Omy via
12. Schleich animals
13. Panda plasters
14. Rainbow moneybox little lovely company via
15. Cloud nightlight by little lovely company via
16. Wooden fried egg (similar here)
17. Moon & stars glittery hair pins via
18. Fox necklace with wooden beads by Pirates & Peonies via
19. Wooden bunny necklace by Zwergenwelt EK
20. Natural wooden peg dolls (similar here)
21. Maileg miniature dolls’ food via
22. Holiday themed hair clips reindeer & santa by Meri Meri Party via
23. Squishy strawberry toy cake – random holiday street stall find
24. Nutcracker sound book via

Last but not least: advent calendar with 24 pockets by fabelab, also via (but I think it’s sold out?).
All gifts and the calendar are bought by myself, opinions are my own. Not sponsored.

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