namuk X enSoie – It’s Better Outside

namuk X enSoie – It’s Better Outside

As a child I never liked wearing jackets. Somehow they just never felt right. I think they kept me from feeling wild and free. I remember it vividly. The tantrums I threw whenever I had to slip a jacket on. Mami’s advise “wear something warm on top!” would just go unnoticed. Snotty nose was standard for me in the colder seasons, I gladly put up with it for freedom of running around without a weight on top of me. Today, I’m a little more responsible then that. Meaning I wear my coat or down jacket because, simply, I hate to be freezing. Even if maybe I’m forever on the hunt for that “perfect” jacket (although hubbie would point out to you that I have “more than enough” to choose from…) that makes my heart jump whenever I wear it. I wear one, because I have to, because I’m a grown-up (in theory).

So one of my worrier mama fears was that E would turn out just as me. That I would never be able to dress her adequately for the weather and the situation. I was prepared for the same tantrums I threw. Some might argue I’d deserve them, and I guess it’s true. I always breathe a sigh of relief when she lets me dress her in the mornings from head to toe without a fuss. And 9 out of 10 times are really fussfree. Total bonus if she actively likes wearing something! Then it’s just a breeze.

Insert her new winterjacket from the namuk X enSoie collection. The Swiss children’s functional outerwear label namuk teamed up with Zurich based, family-run traditional powerhouse enSoie yet again for this year’s stunning capsule collection of children’s down jackets. The result? A beautiful design with a simple yet eye-catching print in classy colors that both, tots and their mamas (or dads, come to think of it), love equally. Super lightweight and so, so soft. Not bulky at all (super important to me, I always most fear bulkiness in outerwear).

If you didn’t know namuk before: everything they create is quintessentially childfriendly. For designs that let little ones run wild and explore freely, to their heart’s content. Everything is designed and produced, ethically and sustainably. I believe in what they stand for, they say we often save on our children and on childrenswear, especially because we think less will do just fine. That they will grow out of it so quickly, anyway. But namuk explains that kids spend so much time outside, exploring, argumenting that therefore it kind of makes more sense to give them something durable and clever. To keep them warm, dry and comfy – no matter what, where and how. Because life – as namuk says – is better outside! Spot on – that’s exactly what I wish for E: a “second skin”, a weightless shield from the world, to feel comfortable in and to keep her safe, snug and warm, to freely explore. Although if you ask Elma the best feature is probably the little owl stitched onto the front, haha. She’s a sucker for cute little details, just like her mama.

Ahh, and then you see double, right? Yes, guys, there is a grown-up version, too! Best thing, right? I figured it was worth giving it a spin myself, and hey, not going to lie, the jacket is a keeper! Okay I’m sold on anything EnSoie, anyway. I basically have a known weakness for them. Their fabrics and designs are just so unique and vibrant. Somehow EnSoie stuff make me feel effortlessly chic, like… transformational. Am I French yet, yeah? Haha. I always watch what they’re doing, and their latest collab with namuk is just another stroke of genius. Busted!

Oh and haha, the looks we got when we were out and about, twinning…! Actual smiles from people! Swiss people, smiling at us, some even commented on the cuteness of our mother-daughter style. Ah, it was a happy morning. In short: definitely our warmest winter recommendation, from ours to yours. I mean just look at E all snug – and maybe just a little bit smug. Oh, my mama heart.


Thank you namuk for letting us test the jackets (PR samples). Words and opinions are our own.
Elma’s shoes are from Young & Brave. Hat is from Yolyo.
All pictures by our dear Andrea Monica Hug.

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