Bloem for your Home

Bloem for your Home

“I must have flowers, always and always”. Okay, famous words not mine, but still exactly my sentiment. I can live without five star menus (if you pass me just the dessert, please?), fancy make up and jewellery. But I can’t live without flowers. If I had to save drastically (and this won’t turn into a savings recommendation post, promise) – which you kind of always have to as a mama, no? – then I’d still not save on flowers. Flowers have always been a necessity for me, something I love splurging on. Because, really? More flowers are just more. Or “meh-meh”, as E simply puts it.

So, when Clare from Bloem contacted me to propose a collaboration, I didn’t have to think twice. Fresh surprise bouquets, hand-picked and curated by her and biked to you, every week? Where can I sign up? Not only is Clare, who is an English born, half Irish half Dutch girl living in Zurich with her husband, super sweet to meet in person – even on a chilly and ghastly foggy autumn morning when it’s clearly not bike but rather wellies weather. She also knows a thing or two about flowers, this girl! And she has a unique style, which I think is always nice to switch your own flower rut up a bit.

She rang the doorbell and I invited her in (didn’t even offer her tea, shame on me) and set out immediately to arrange my bouquet. She brought me a “medium” sized bouquet, but I think it’s huge! And look at those pretty colors and that unexpected combination of blush roses, pink bell flowers, neon peachy gladiola, white stocks (delphiniums) and other beauties of which I do not know the name. A surprise combo, that you would probably never have dared to pick and assemble yourself.

Clare immediately set out to work. Explaining to me that to begin with, the vase needs to be clean and the water kept clean, at all times. Changing the water every day is ideal. The cleaner the water, the longer your beauties will last. You can even add one drop (not more) of bleach, as that helps to prevent bacteria from forming. Upon asking, she said there is no right or wrong way of arranging the flowers (I was doubtful at first ahaha, thinking you obviously need her skill). She promotes the “X way” though (read up more on her page), which basically means you place one flower after the other around the vase, distributing them so that they cross in an x shaped way. It looked rather effortless and like something I could do, too. This time, I left Clare do her magic, but the next time I’m fully planning on adopting her technique myself. I have faith, Clare taught me well and well, I have tried to capture every step of her simple approach, as documented below. That should allow for you to copy-paste at home, no?

Win a Bloem bouquet for you and a friend
That’s not all, you can even win a Bloem bouquet – not only one but two! For your friend and yourself. Becasue as Clare puts it “flowers are best shared”. To enter to win, simply leave a comment on my Instagram, tagging a friend who you would share these beauties with. (Open to Zurich based residents only. Details in post.)

Thank you Clare for bringing the Bloem way to Zurich and Switzerland. Love to see you business bloom (pun intended)!

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