Provence, 2018

Provence, 2018

One month away as a family. Away from home, away from work, away from old habits and ruts. Not that we needed an escape from our everyday life as it is. But a change of scenery air is still good, every now and then. To give you new perspectives, inspire, intensify the family bonds. To unwind, reset and recharge. We did it, and it was marvellous.

We left for Ollioules, Elma and I, in the very wee hours of a Sunday in mid August. The bags were packed with the minimal wardrobe we were to need in the summer house in the south of Provence, France The taxi was already waiting for us outside. And so it began.

A month of late summer – at the beginning quite hot – holi-days, togetherness, slow living, mindfulness, relaxation, fun activities and beach time. Seemlingly endless summer was awaiting, and we soaked it all up. This is our photographic diary. More to come. But in the meantime: lots of love from us.

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