Urban Adventure: Fountain Hopping

Urban Adventure: Fountain Hopping

Who doesn’t like to cool off in this heat? It kind of seems like the only solution to keep sane. Summer in the city is often too hot to function properly – but not always entirely avoidable. But with our new favorite activity – fountain hopping – it is quite bearable, after all. City dwellers, listen up!

Whenever E spots a fountain, she points it out, screaming loudly “Waah-waah…!”. There is no stopping her. And clearly no way of walking past the fountain. She knows me well, I’m a sucker for urban adventure. So we hop on the fountain, walk on the rims, cool off by splashing around, drinking straight out of the tap, letting the cold water run over our faces and necks, and dipping our feet and ankles and legs in.

Yes, clothes inevitably get wet. So a change of clothes is always a good idea. Although we’ve found that walking on – a mere hundred meters to the next fountain, most times – in wet shirts is part of the fun.


Dirt is good.
Thank you Omo for sponrosing this post.

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