E’s Big Birl Room (Updated)

E’s Big Birl Room (Updated)

E isn’t a baby anymore. A truth I occasionally have a hard time facing… But then again, life with her is good, everyday, and every second of the day. Being a toddler mama is even better than being a baby mama, actually (and that’s coming from me, who loooved baby bliss and never figured I could enjoy being a mama more). It really is just like they say: having a kid only gets better and better with time. But because E isn’t a baby anymore, it also means we had to slightly update her room to big girl (see the former room version, here). The bed is kind of superfluous still, because she still camps in my bed (not willing to give up the extra cuddles, anytime soon; ofc I’m speaking of me…).

If you want to know more about our room concept, style, sources and how to successfully mix & match old and new pieces hop on over to Mini & Stil’s blog, where I was invited to write a guest post. Of course, a kid’s room is always an in the moment thing. The look changes every day, with every stray doll or lego piece, and with every new morning and new play scene. Which makes it so fun to live with a child, I think. Constant change and magic.

Hope you like the content as much as I do, Isabelle is such a great photographer!

All pictures by Isabelle Kade of Mini & Stil.

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