Bath Time Favourites

Bath Time Favourites

Summer is coming to an end. The leaves are changing, the morning’s air is crisp, and the light is different. We are making sure to soak up the last late summer moments, hours and – if we’re lucky – days. I have a post prepared about our month away in Provence. Kind of like our summer diary. But first, let me share this with you.

So, E was never really a waterbaby. Something I just had to accept, but still found awkward at times. Especially since all the other mamas always told me stories of how their babies were basically fishies. We went to the Badi so many times this summer, it felt like we put up camp there at times. E loved our Badi times, yet, she kept sitting at the edge of the pool, at a safe distance to the water, just watching and endlessly watching the other kids who were wild at play in the water. She would, maybe, occasionally dip her toe in, or, if it was a particularly hot day, quickly drop her nappy covered bum in, too (all too carefully, imho). But that was about it. She rarely ventured into the water and never wanted to go anywhere alone. Holding hands with me, she felt comfortable enough to walk around a bit (with the water reaching her belly button, max). Or holding onto beloved the “Tata” – the inflatable duck swim ring – for dear life. At first, I blamed E’s hydrophobia on myself for not having gone to “baby swimming” like all the other good mamas I know. But it turned out to be such a beautiful summer, E and me together at the lake or the Badi, even without much water action. And if I’m completely honest I enjoyed having her this close to me,all to myself, carrying her everywhere, keeping her safe, only occasionally taking a tiny dip together, knowing that moments like that are fleeting. And simply accepting that E will take to the water when she’s ready, whenever that will be.

Turns out we didn’t have to wait long. This month in Provence changed her relationship with water completely. When before she didn’t even go near a lake because of the unpredictable “waves”, she developed a fondness for the sea. Boldly venturing in and out on her own, with the water reaching to her neck. We had a hard time catching up with her. Simultaneously, she also learned the word “bade” (bathing or swimming, in German). Saying it maybe 67 times a day (and counting). “Bade” has ruled our days, from morning to night.

When we got home last weekend, the Badis were already closing and the autumnal feel in Switzerland didn’t really make us want to hit the lake for a swim anymore. Instead, I wanted to make bath time at home fun for E. So, E selected the toys to add to her tub (of course, it had to be the watering can she used every day at the beach, too).

And oh, how we loved coming home to our Weleda Calendula bath time favourites. We have been using Weleda products for E since she was born. In fact, Weleda was recommended to us by the midwife, and that was that, the start of a love story. From nappy change essentials to bath time rituals and everyday face creams, it’s the range we swear by for E. I only occasionally switch things up, adding soap to the water, like, when we want an extra bubbly bubble bath. NB: Weleda’s Calendula range is free of tensides, because it’s dedicated to being extra gentle to babies’ skin. Tensides are what make soaps foam. We can live with a bubble free bath experience on most days, especially since I see the difference on E’s skin and how soft and moisturized her skin is after the Calendula bath.

Weleda is a Swiss brand I have known forever and which I trust. All natural and organic, only good ingredients, no nasties. Protecting baby’s soft skin. As a mama, I made the choice to only use natural and nasties-free beauty products on E. As your child’s delicate skin is thinner and more permeable than your own. So products that are free from synthetic preservatives, fragrances and colourants are the natural choice for me. Fun fact: since having E I switched to natural beauty products – wherever possible – for myself, too.

With the Weleda Cremebad, you add a lot of creaminess to the bath. Almond oil and sesame oil nourish baby’s skin. The texture is so rich, it almost makes moisturizing post-bath redundant (good on those days you don’t have a lot of time on hand). But as E always looks forward to her moisturizing sessions, always insisting on doing it herself – “I-auuuu, I-auuuu” (“m-too, m-too”) – we use one of the creams from the Calendula range right after bath. I like the one for the face especially as it’s not too heavy but still moisturizes her skin. Perfect after a day in the sun and sea or now, come autumn time, the dry heated air at home or the Kita. Our pro-tipp: adding a few drops of the oil – the Calendula Pflegeöl – to the water. Makes bath time feel like an even bigger treat and – bonus! – baby will smell heavenly. And what’s sweeter than the smell of a freshly bathed babe who is all happy after merrily splashing around in the tub?

Now, when I’m not behind the camera, I’m actually joining E in the tub, myself. Just too good an opportunity to pass up. Right, mamas? How do you handle bath time, joining in? And are your babies fond of the water – or stage 5 clingers like E used to be?

Thank you Weleda for sponsoring this post.
roducts have been provided but words and opinions are my own.

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