Making my own Nutbutter

Making my own Nutbutter

Nutbutters have been on my list of favorite ingredients for years and years… And the domain is endless. Nutbutters are real multitalents, adding “oomph” to just about anything, from smoothies to porridge and müesli to desserts. To dip a slice of apple in almond butter…? Hmm, delicious. And they’re good spread on top of rice waffles, crackers and bread. Or, come to think of it, on their own! Eating them by the spoonful sounds as decadent as it is, alright.

As much as I love nutbutters, making my own has always been a “no-no” for me. Not an option. I knew my very basic blender already had trouble making Gazpacho, so it just wouldn’t make it through nuts, go figure. When I got offered to try the super potent Bosch VitaBoost, I was game, thinking of making nutbutters immediately! And the rest is history.

All you need to make your own White Almond Butter at home is: almonds, some water, a little salt – and well, a good blender. Off you go and whip up your luscious nutbutter in minutes.

Home made White Almond Butter

300 g almonds (with skins)
Some water
1 tsp. Maldon Sea Salt

Blanch the almonds for about 2 minutes, drain and cool. Peel off the skins and pat dry. Add almonds to the VitaBoost together with the salt. Start on low speed and blend for about 10 seconds. First, the almonds are being chopped roughly and then turned into “flour”. Make sure to start with low intervals and to give the blender a break every now and then. Scrape down the sides as you go. Continue to blend on high speed and power for as long as you see fit. Add water if needed (I found I needed some on “the last mile”, to achieve this extra creamy consistency). But careful: water will apparently make the nutbutter to spoil sooner. But still can be kept in the fridge for 1-2 weeks without problems. Store in airtight container in the fridge. Ideal addition to smoothies, porridges, müeslis, smoothies and smoothie bowls or as a spread.

For the almond butter breads: spread on flatbread (or any bread of your choice), then garnish to your heart’s content.




Thank you Bosch for sponsoring this post.

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